Quick facts
Birth date 10 Feb, 1964
Age 56 yrs
Occupations Radio personality
Television presenter
Public figure
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place Everett
Residence Dallas
Education Sehome High School
Gender Male
Description American talk radio and television host

Glenn Lee Back, more renowned as just Glenn Beck, was born on 10th February in the year 1964. His biography began in Everett, Washington, where he drew the first breath in the family of William Beck and Mary Clara. Glenn Beck is a descendant of those who emigrated from Germany to the United States. While being a child, Glenn, along with his sister, had to reside in various places. After their mother’s death, caused by drowning, the family finally resided in Washington’s Bellingham. The death of Glenn Beck’s mother caused a suicide of his stepbrother, too.


In 1982, Glenn Back finished his studies at the Sehome High School.

Career Experience

When Glenn Beck turned 18 and obtained a high school education, he moved to Provo, Utah, where he started to work at the KXRK radio station. He, however, left the station six months later as he did not feel okay with staying in Utah. Thus, he took on a job at the WJFK radio station, located in Washington, at the beginning of 1983. In the same year, however, he went on to work at the KZFM station, located in Texas. Two years later he joined the WRKA radio station in Kentucky, where he led his program under the title “Captain Back and the A-Team.” When the show was rated as the market’s third, Glenn Beck left the station due to the argument with the station’s management.

Up to the beginning of the 2000s, Glenn Beck shifted several radio stations more. He experienced several media scandals and an arrest for his speedy drives. In 2000, he launched the “Glenn Beck Program” at the WFLA radio station, which topped the ratings within a year. Two years later, at the beginning of 2002, the show started to be broadcasted nationwide by Premiere Radio Networks. By 2008, the show occupied the fourth place in national rankings and was able to boast 500,000 listeners.

Along with incredible success in his career of the radio host, Glenn Beck has been also successful on TV and in writing. In particular, he started to host a show at the “Headline News” by CNN. One year later, his show was rated second nationwide. Following it, he left the channel in 2008 and joined the Fox News, where his show became even more successful. By 2009, his show on the Fox News had as many viewers as the shows of the three rivaling channels taken together. Up to date, the net worth of Glenn Beck is estimated to be at the level of a whopping $250 million. Moreover, he earns a salary of $90 million per year.

Personal life

In 1983, when Glenn Beck worked at the WPGC station in Washington, he met his future wife, Claire. In the same year, the couple married. They had two children together: Hannah and Mary. The couple decided to divorce in 1994, and at that time Glenn Beck had significant problems with drugs and alcohol.

In 1999, Glenn Beck married Tania, his second and current wife. They have adopted a child, named Raphe. Also, Tania gave a birth to their mutual child, named Cheyenne.

Glenn Beck is highly active on Twitter, and the number of his followers is not less impressive than his net worth: more than 1.07 million followers!


During his career, Glenn Beck has published a large number of books, including 16 non-fiction and 4 fiction works. He also published two works for children and an authorized comic book.

Last Modified: Feb 13, 2020

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