Giovanni Graziano is an Italian footballer who has a small age but has been a great talent. Graziano was born in Italy in a town called Vercelli.

Personal Life

He was born in 1995 on March 7th of this year. Giovanni is rated as a professional player for his age and he plays as a midfielder. The guy is about 1.87 meters long and is currently 23 years old. The talent of this player came to the fore in the high school years and was a very special talent and in this way, the professors began to keep close enough to climb the career ladder.


The player was first distinguished by the coach Pulcini of Pro Vercelli and it happened in 2005. He was chosen later in 2012-2013 he made his debut for the Primavera but unfortunately, he lost the penalty. The player lost the penalty when he became part of the Nazionale Primavera and after finishing the season he signed another contract which he signed for to be with the Torino team for a long time and this is the first professional contract for a new talent who works so hard for achieving the success a talent deserves. In 2014 he was part of the Torino team afterward he had some other moves.

He made his first debut in 2011 and this debut against Copenhagen at the UEFA Europa League Championship and he replaced another player who was Omar El Kadduri after 66 minutes of play and it was a good beginning for this talent because he wanted to do the best and to let good impression to the other players. He has been part of several teams in 2015-2017 and has been part of the team Renato and now the player is part of Teramo team and in this team has been in 2017.

Last Modified: 18 Aug, 2018

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