Gio Benitez was born in the year 1985 and he is a correspondent and a broadcast journalist at ABC news. He is an American and appears at Good Morning America, Night Line, 20/20 and World News Tonight. He is the host for the Nightline’s Fusion version. He had already got two Emmy Awards in television news.

He was born in the city of Miami, in Florida. His parents are Cuban and graduated from Miami Coral Park High School. In the year 2008, he got his bachelor of arts of Sociology and anthropology with Florida International University. He speaks well Spanish and English.

According to his biography, Gio Benitez joined ABC news in the year 2013. He had been in charge of many stories at the network and they include Boston Marathon bombing, the child who was held hostage under the ground for eight days, a mother who was jailed in a Mexican Jail and many snow storms that took place in the country.

Before starting to work at ABC News, he reported at WFOR, a company operated and also working under CBS. He covered the Presidential election of 2012 and he reported about the Trayvon Martin Case. In the year 2010, he went to Haiti and this is where he covered the relief effort after a devastating earthquake. When he returned in Miami, it turned to be a rescue mission and got evacuees from Haiti who was injured. In the year 2009, he was a first reporter who got the chance of shooting TV story on the iPhone.

Gio Benitez received two local Emmy Awards and he was nominated for the eight times. He got nominated for the investigative series about the alleged police brutality and it resulted in having two Miami officers giving up their badges and guns. Before starting to work like a reporter, Gio Benitez had became investigative producer of WFOR and worked on government corruption, public safety and Medicare fraud. The first on air job he had was to work at the radio, at the electronic show, syndicated in the entire country called Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline.

Gio Benitez is a gay and he got engaged to his boyfriend Tommy Didario in 2015 and the two got married in the year 2016 in Miami.

There is no information about who are his parents or siblings. He does say that he is enthusiast for the life class of Oprah Winfrey and he would wish to meet Superman in some events that give such opportunity. He says that his grandparents were his adolescence legends. He attended the School of International and Public affairs at University of Florida. He graduated with a degree of human science with humanities. He started to work at WFOR like an assistant and this is when he was 17 years old and he had just finished Coral Park High School.

Last Modified: 23 May, 2018

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