The Italian businessman, Gianluca Vacchi was born on 5th August, 1967. His star sign is Leo. Vacchi is of Italian nationality. He belongs to White ethnicity. He belongs to Italian descent. He was born in Bologna, Italy. His grandmother was Argentinean and therefore he has a deep love for Latin culture.

Vacchi went to Studiorum University of Bologna. He earned a degree in Economics and Business. Vacchi is also a well known author and an online personality. Vacchi owns a blog named GVLifestyle. His blog is also one source from where media and his fans know more about his life. His father owned a multinational business called Macchine Automatiche, that manufactured food products, pharmaceuticals and vehicles.

Vacchi was rumored to be in romantic affairs with quite a few women. The man with an eccentric fashion is often called grandpa playboy, due to his innumerous affairs and flings. He is quite a charming man with a chiseled body. Vacchi is known to be a big fitness enthusiast. He is very fond of tattoos. The Italian tycoon has been known for leading a careless and extravagant life with all the enormous wealth he owns.

Vacchi was engaged to Melissa Satta, but the pair broke off. He has also been rumored dating Ariadna Gutierrez. Vacchi was happily married to Giorgia Gabriele. In the year 2007, a dancing video of Vacchi dancing with Giorgia went viral on the internet. Giorgia was a showgirl on Italian television and soon rose to a reality TV star. The couple dated three long years, but got separated in 2017.


Gianluca Vacchi acquired the ToyWatch Company in the year 2006, which he later sold it to Calisto Tanzi, an Italian conglomerate, and later regretted his decision. Vacchi was imprisoned for three and a half years for bankruptcy. He started a new venture with Lapo Elkann. They worked in the co-branding of watches and sunglasses. Vacchi is currently the President of Societa Europea Autocaravan.

He was also the President of Last Minute Tour, a tourism company, which was again later sold in the year 2007. Vacchi is a professional snooker player. He has also been an accomplished Dj. Vacchi also released a single called Viento. He wrote a book named Enjoy, in the year 2016. After having retired from his business, he thinks himself as a celebrity and a global Entertainer. Vacchi considers himself to be an entrepreneur as a shareholder.

The rich businessman has earned a Net worth of around $450 million and an annual income of around $20 million. His monthly income is around $1.6 million. The millionaire playboy has 1,753,667 likes and 1,768,873 followers on Facebook. He has 54,082 followers on Twitter. The Instagram star Vacchi has 11.4m followers.

He is known to be the coolest man on Instagram. He is a YouTube sensation. The gym freak has uploaded his workout sessions on YouTube. He has 26,631 followers on YouTube.Vacchi shows off his flamboyant personality over the social media. He has been living a life of ceaseless glamour. Vacchi might truly be the heir of Aristippus of Cyrene.

Last Modified: 26 Mar, 2018

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