Giada Laurentiis is a popular chef who rose to prominence after her appearance on the show ‘Everyday Italian’, which led her to win an Emmy Award.

Personal life

Born on 22nd August, 1970, Giada Laurentiis is the daughter of famous actor Alex De Benedetti and actress Veronica De Laurentiis. Giada’s grandfather Dion De Laurentiis used to be a film producer back in the day. Belonging to a family to actors and film producers, one could’ve guessed that Giada would grow up to be an actress but instead she chose to do something she has always yearned for. Luckily, Giada’s grandfather owned a restaurant called ‘DDL Foodshow’ where Giada would spend most of her time during her early years. Giada graduated with a social anthropology degree from the University of California.

Giada Laurentiis tied the knot with a fashion designer Todd Thompson in May 2003. She gave birth to her daughter Jade Marie De Laurentiis-Thompson in 2008. Giada strongly believes that one child is sufficient to fill the house with happiness which is why she isn’t planning on having any more kids. Giada and Todd shared many beautiful moments together for over a decade before deciding to file for a divorce in September 2015. Just a couple of months following the divorce, Giada got into a relationship with a famous television producer Shane Farley.


Being an erudite throughout her academic career, Giada Laurentiis received an anthropology degree from the prestigious University of California back in 1996. Keeping the pressure from her college counterparts aside, Giada decided to listen to her intuition and return back to the kitchen. She didn’t think twice before moving to Paris and studying at the world famous cooking school Le Cordon Bleu. After gaining the required knowledge in cooking, Giada flew back to Los Angeles where she worked for two famous restaurants ‘Wolfgang Puck’s Spago’ and ‘the Ritz Carlton Fine Dining Room’.

Once she had the knowledge and experience both, Giada decided to take a step further and eventually started her own company named ‘GDL Foods’. Thanks to her expertise, she succeeded at bringing famous customers like Ron Howard to her company. As ‘Food & Wine’ magazine saw Giada’s success in this field, they asked her to write a column about her family meal. Impressed by what she had to offer, the magazine’s executive personally approached her and spoke to her about her work.

Giada Laurentiis made her television debut in 2003 by hosting ‘Everyday Italian’, which was a cooking show. Being an introvert, Giada used to shy away from the cameras at first but later developed the confidence and started releasing great episodes. In no time, Giada became a favorite television personality for the American citizens. Giada went on to write several books related to cooking which even became best-sellers. These books included ‘Giada’s Family Dinners’ and ‘Everyday Pasta’. Passionate towards her work, Giada has written tons of books and appeared on many cooking-related television shows which is the reason why she has a net worth of $15 million today.

Last Modified: 30 Jun, 2018

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