Georgia Janson is a daughter of Chris Janson and Kelly Janson. Chris Janson is a songwriter and a singer. He got to the fame when he released a hit single named Buy Me a boat in the year 2015. It was listed to be on number 33 at Hot Country Songs. Up to now, he had released many singles and has written different songs like I Hold On, A Love I Think Will Last and Truck Yeah.

Chris’s date place is Perryville in Missouri. His father is Pierre Janson and his mother is Carrie Bowling Janson. He is of American nationality and he is of white ethnicity. He started to sing when he was still young.

He entered into the musical career in the year 2009. It was the time that he wrote I Hold On with A Love I think Will Last. They were for Here with Me of Holly Williams. This is the same year that he signed the contract for BNA records and produced the song Til A woman Comes Along.

Chris Janson got married and his wife is Kelly Lynn. The two tied up the knot in 2010. They have two children together; they are Jesse Bo Janson and Georgia Janson.

However, the family had other two children born from the old relationship with Lynn. Chris adopted them after the marriage. The family is living in the city of Nashville of Tennessee. He decided to write Holdin’ Her, when she met with her wife for the first time.

Janson net worth is 1 million dollars. The source of income is musical concerts and sale of the recording. His singles were received well by the audience. By Me a Boat copies were sold at 117,100. Besides the sale of his songs, he also attends live musical concerts which add to his net worth. He had performed in many world tours and there is a new one coming up in the year 2018. It will take place in different areas of the country like Tennessee, Nashville, Mississippi, Gulfport, St Louis and Columbus. The minimum cost of such concert will be 70 dollars.

There are some things about Chris Janson biography’s told by his wife. She said that their son is daddy’s boy, he likes to sign to their daughter and he does not refuse to dress up. He writes some love notes to the wife and he got a tattoo of the name of his wife. He likes to play as if he is in Top Gun Movie.

Kelly Lynn is the mother of Georgia Janson and the wife to Chris Janson. Their marriage is a happy one and there is no sign that the family is in any type of conflict. She is a vocalist who got fame when she recorded some project for Walt Disney Records.

Last Modified: 25 Apr, 2018

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