Quick facts
Birth date 26 Jul, 1974
Age 45 yrs
Occupations Interior designer
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place Minneapolis
Education Lewis & Clark College
School of Visual Arts
South High School
Gender Female
Description American interior designer
Spouse Tyler Harcott[2006-2013]

Genevieve Gorder is an American television host and interior designer. Currently, she resides with only her daughter, Bebelle and not with her husband, Taylor Harcott.

Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Genevieve is a gorgeous television celebrity and designer. She is an only daughter and the oldest of three children. In her younger days while in school, Genevieve played the violin and soccer. She worked as an intern at MTV in New York, which internship turned into a permanent job. She is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan with a B.F.A in design.

In 2006, she got married to Taylor Harcott, another reality TV celebrity better known from his days as the host of “Bidding Wars” and “Junkyard Wars” Genevieve and her husband began dating in 2003 after a meeting on set during the filming of an episode of the show “A Dating Story” They have one daughter, Bebelle together although they are currently not living together. There have been rumors of a divorce, but to date, they remain just that, rumors. Genevieve currently lives with her daughter in Manhattan. Bebelle came to the world in early 2008 and details to her parents’ personal life are kept buttoned up. Genevieve prefers to keep her relationships and family as private as possible.

Although she has a website and holds a number of social accounts, you will be hard pressed to find any personal details into her life that is just how much she likes to keep her private life private. She is still listed as married on her website although her blog carries insinuations that the two of them are divorced. If her blog is to be taken into account, then it remains a puzzle as to when the divorce actually took place.

Genevieve has a blog, a Facebook account, and a website and they are all kept up to date, although with information regarding her professional as opposed to her personal life. The only information that you are likely to find about her is a photo or two of her daughter, and that is it!

In terms of her profession, Genevieve has enjoyed immense success in the world of design, even being requested by the White House to design the decorations for the Christmas 2012 holiday season. Her rise to fame came when she appeared on reality TV shows such as “Dear Genevieve” and “Trading Spaces” .Currently, you can follow the shows she hosts, Dear Genevieve and Genevieve’s Renovation on the HGTV cable channel. She is also a judge on HGTV’s Design Star.

Although there are high speculations of her divorce from her husband, Taylor, the accomplished designer seems not to have any romantic attachments. She seems to enjoy her role as a mother and add to her accomplishments in her chosen career. There is hardly any personal information to be found of her over the media and aside from a few photos of her daughter here and there, she chooses to keep her life as mysterious as possible.

Last Modified: Feb 13, 2020

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