Garry Fields is marketing manager and his wife is Danielle Spencer. They had been married from 1999. Danielle got married to Garry Fields and the two had been married for over 18 years now. No rumors about divorce and other dispute found around them. However, there is not much information about the child they have. Together with her husband, they have not yet engaged into the extra marital affairs. It is believed that the two are happy together and their relationship is sound. Their marriage took place at Marina Marriot and Cheryl Lynn, a soul singer was there at their wedding where she serenaded the couple. Ernest Thomas, who played as Danielle brother, was among the invitees at the wedding.

According to her biography, Danielle Spencer is a child star and an actress. In the year 1976, she got to the limelight at What’s Happening, an ABC sitcom. She was called Dee Thomas. In the eyar 1985, she did appear again in this same role or the show sequel, What’s Happening Now!!.

Danielle Spencer was born in the city of Trenton, in New Jersey. Her mother is Cheryl Pelt. For her personal life, the parents divorced when she was young and her mother remarried to Tim Pelt and they moved to live in Bronx. She started acting classes when she was still too young. For her education, she went to University of California and finished the studies from Tuskegee University in Veterinarian.

Danielle Spencer started the acting career when she was only 11 years old. She also appeared in some movies like a veterinarian. These movies are Peter Rabbit and The Crucifix and As Good as It gets. She did appear in some series like Days of Our Lives, Specia Treat and The Brady Bunch Hour.

Besides acting, Danielle did work like a vet and it was for 10 years. However, she had to stop working when she suffered many injuries after a car accident. She spent a year in The Kessler Institute for the rehabilitation in the city of New Jersey. She was able to get back her life. In the year 2015, she had been chosen to be a permanent member for the exhibition to the African-American cultural museum. She works also like a fashion designer and she did launch The Dani Collection. She is a breast cancer survivor.

Danielle makes enough money in the acting career and she is getting enough money from her veterinarian career. However, it is not clear about how much he is making as a salary or how much he had made as a net worth. Spencer is not active to the social media and she does not have social account at Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. When it comes to Garry Fields’s biography, there is no information about him available online, only that she got married to actress Danielle Spencer.

Last Modified: 04 Jun, 2018

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