French Montana is a well known hip hop artist who is predominantly popular in the country of the United States of America. French Montana is known for songs such as ‘Unforgettable’ and ‘Pop That’. Out of which ‘Unforgettable’ was one of the top songs of the US Billboard Hot 100 list and was at the third position, at the peak of it’s popularity. French Montana has sold over 5 million copies until now in the United States of America.

Personal Life

French Montana was born on November 9, 1984 in the city of Rabat in the country of Morocco. French Montana born as Karim Kharbouch, is the son of Abdela Kharbouch and Karim Kharbouch. During the initial years of his life, French Montana lived on the outskirts of the city of Casablanca, his family had an estate there and it was here that he spent a great deal of his time listening to music and playing football. This went on until French Montana turned 13.

Later in the year 1996, French Montana’s family moved to the country of the United States of America as immigrants and they set base in the South Bronx area of New York City. French Montana then attended the Lehman and Roosevelt High School, it was there that he picked up the English Language and eventually became fluent at it. Prior to which, he only knew how to speak French and Arabic.

Soon, within two years of moving to the United States of America, French Montana’s father could not make enough money and the family were struggling to live, as the job held by his father was never stable. Therefore, he took a decision to shift back to Morocco while French Montana and his mother decide to stay along with his sibling and an unborn baby who was yet to come. French Montana’s mother believed that it would be a better option for the children, and would give them a better chance at life to stay in the country of the United States of America.


French Montana began his career into music by rapping on the streets, under the pseudonym “Young French” while he sold street DVD’s. In the year 2007, French Montana released his first mixtape which was named French Revolution Vol 1.

Soon French Montana released more mixtapes and each one was relatively well received than it’s predecessor. Most recently, French Montana released his second album, which comprised of his most famous single till date, Unforgettable.

Last Modified: 30 Jun, 2018

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