Quick facts
Birth date 30 Nov, 1976
Age 43 yrs
Occupations Beauty pageant contestant
Birth place Shreveport
Residence New York City
Education Southern University Law Center
Louisiana Tech University
Southern University
Gender Female
Description American Judge and Media Personality

Age and Bio(wiki)

Faith Jenkins was born in the year 1977 and it was in the city of Shreveport, in Louisiana. According to her wiki pages, she is of Afro-American ethnicity and she is of American nationality. The information about her birth date and the place of birth are the only one available since more information about her like teenage days and childhood days are not available. She attended C.E Byrd high School found in Shreveport in Louisiana and attended Louisiana Tech University. This is where she got a bachelor degree in political science. Her Juris doctor was gotten from Southern University Law Center found in Baton Rouge in Louisiana. She was first in the class.

Facts and Net worth

Faith Jenkins is a media personality, legal commentator and an American attorney. She works like a legal analyst of MSNBC from 2014. Her age is around 40 years now and she is appearing on many shows which include Fox and Friends. She has a successful career working as a judge in media. She has got 2 million dollars as a net worth.

Jenkins was participating in different beauty pageants contests and won different major titles. She became Miss Louisiana Tech Title and became the first African-American who had the title. She attended Miss America in the year 2001 and she was a first runner up. She got Quality of Life Award and she became the preliminary winner in talent and swimsuit.

She attended NY office found for Sidley Austin. She worked as a litigator for 5 years and afterwards, she became the assistant district attorney. She was working in prosecuting the criminals at the Manhattan office as District Attorney. Faith appeared in different TV channels such as Fox Business Channel, Fox News Channel, MSNBC and CNN. She was working as legal analyst in the shows like Studio B with Shepard Smith, Politics Nation with Rev Al Sharpton, Hannity, The O’ Reilly Factor and Fox & Friends. She is a writer who wrote editorials about current events for New York Daily News.

She was the judge during the Daytime TV show where she played as Judge Faith. It was the national syndicated arbitration based court that showed on TV.

Jenkins was the host of a TV series based on true crime and it was called Justice by Any Means. The documentaries were airing at TV One Channel.

Husband and Family

Faith Jenkins is known to keep her personal bio private, and there is no information if she has a husband or not. She had no children yet. She does not talk about her relationship even if she is available on different social media. There is no information about her weight and height. She has a vintage car which is expensive and which shows how much money she is making.


Last Modified: Feb 7, 2020

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