Erin Manning is a television personality, educator, author and photographer. She started to work on photography when she was only seven years old and this is when she found the book called The Family of Man.

From her biography, Erin Manning started the career as a stock, portraits and commercial photographer. She has a specialty in the lifestyle imagery of the clients from lifestyle magazine, Disney, Bank of America and AT&T. she also works for individual and healthcare companies. She appears on DIY Network where she was a host of The Whole Picture Series. In the year 2007, she became the partner of Adobe, SanDisk and Canon to help in producing education videos and articles.

She has written about Make Money with Your Digital Photography and Portrait and Candid Photography. They were published through John Wiley & Sons. This was before the TV series under her name. She is lifestyle and technology expert of Enable Your Home DIY Network.

Regardless if she is before or behind the camera, photography had been a part of the life of Erin always. She has experience in education, entertainment and technology. She serves like director of the Digital Imaging Marketing Association, a member of Women in Photography International, Los Angeles Digital Imaging group and she is dedicated to advance the science and art of the digital imaging.

Erin Manning is the wife to Max Kellerman, a TV personality who is known for the sports television and commentator of the boxing. He is an actor who appeared in the Playmakers, Creed and Rocky Balboa.

Kellerman started his job at ESPN with First take in the year 2016. He had worked for two different shows, they are Around the Horn and Friday Night Fights. Max Kellerman had been born in the year 1973, in the city of The Bronx found in New York City. His father is Henry Kellerman. He is the alumnus of the Public School 41 found in Greenwich Village. He attended Hunter College High School in the year 1991. He went to the Columbia University and this where he finished with a history degree in 1988.

Erin Manning married Kellerman in the past two decades and none of them has a divorce history. They have already three kids; they are Mira Kellerman, Sam Kellerman and Esther Kellerman. The two met while in college and they started their relationship there. They were married in the year 1994. They did not have any issues in their relationship expect when Kellerman said he hit Manning during the time they were dating.

Kellerman was raised with three brothers and this included a beloved younger brother called Sam Kellerman. He got murdered when he was in his apartment in Los Angeles. A former boxer called James Butler, killed this young man and used a hammer to kill him and started the fire in the apartment.

Last Modified: 23 Jun, 2018

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