Erin Angle is married to Edward Jonathan Bernthal also known as Jon Bernthal. She has three children but a large part of her biography is not known. She does not like to talk too much and she appears in public when she attends events with her husband.

They dated for some years before they get married. The marriage took place in 2010 in Potomac city found in Maryland. Erin with her husband live a happy life with Adeline, Billy and Henry, their children, they all live in their home in Los Angeles. They had a Venice cottage and they sold it at 2million dollars. To see the pictures of Erin and her children, then you should visit the Instagram of her husband. Henry is the first born and he is six years, Billy is the second born, he is 4 years while Adeline is only two years. Erin is a niece to Kurt Angle, a famous WWE super star. She does not work since she is a housewife and she spends more time taking care of her children and her home. Her husband is an actor in TV series and movies.

Erin Angle has no social media accounts like other celebrity wives. She has a private account on the Facebook but she does not post sexy pictures on it. She was born in a family of wrestlers so she was also wrestling before becoming a wife.

It is easy to get information about Jon Bernthal than that of his wife Erin. He is a well known actor. He attended Skidmore College found in New York and then went to The School of Moscow Art Theater. During his college time, he was studying and also playing baseball. He was playing in European Professional Baseball Federation and he was a professional there. He got noticed by a Harvard University director and got invited to do a degree at Massachusetts Repertory Theater. He finished his studies in 2002.

Jon Bernthal had appeared in many movies like Law & Order: Criminal Intent, CSI: Miami, Boston legal and The Pacific. The latest role he was in was of Shane Walsh and it was in The Walking Dead. He got the nomination to the Scream Award in the category of Breakout Performance Male. For this role, he was being paid 80 thousand for each episode. Other roles he was in are Me and Earl, Fury, Snitch and Day Zero.

Erin Angle is not working anywhere by now but her husband is the bread winner of the family. He is successful and has 10 million as net worth. He is the owner of many cars like Dodge Dart which is 18,000 dollars, a BMW 5 series of 60 thousand dollars and a Honda Civic of 33,000 dollars. Her husband is in The Punisher and it is a movie about violence and guns.

Last Modified: 23 Jun, 2018

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