Born in the year of 1956 on the 18th of April, Eric Anthony Roberts popularly recognized in the industry as Eric Roberts is an actor from the United States of America. Eric initiated his career in Hollywood with King of Gypsies in the year of 1978 in which he had secured the lead role.

Personal Life

Born in Biloxi in the state of Mississippi to mother Betty Lou Bredemus who passed away in the year of 2015 and father Walter Grady Roberts who had passed away in the year of 1977 who were actors and playwrights who worked but once, during the production of the film series George Washington Slept here for the United States Army.

In the year of 1963, the duo founded the Atlanta Writers and Actors workshop in Georgia in Atlanta which was on the Jupiter Street in the Midtown. They also ran an acting school for children in Georgia at Decatur when they were expecting a daughter Julia. Eric’s mother then became a real estate agent and a secretary for the church and his father a salesman for a vacuum cleaner company. Eric has siblings younger to him named Lisa Roberts Gillan and Julia Roberts.

Eric’s parents applied to get a divorce in the year of 1971 and was confirmed in the year of 1972. Eric chose to stay with his father while the sisters chose to stay with the mother. In the year of 1977 in the month of March, Walter succumbed to cancer. Julia and Lisa along with Betty moved to Georgia at Smyrna after the finalization of the divorce. In the year of 1972, Betty was married to Michael Motes with whom she had a daughter named Nancy Motes who evidently died of drug overdose at age 37 on the 9th of February in the year of 2014.

Motes was apparently extremely abusive and was for most of the time unemployed. Betty filed for divorce with Motes in the year of 1983 and made a public statement that marrying Motes was a regretful decision. Eric is of Swedish, German, Welsh, Irish, Scottish and English descent.


Eric began his career with a tv soap opera named Another World on the now defunct NBC series portraying the role of Ted Bancroft on the 14th of February in the year of 1977 up to the 17th of June of 1977.

Eric earned himself a nomination in the Golden Globe Awards for his roles in the 1978 starrer King of The Gypsies as well as the 1983 series Star 80. He also earned himself a nomination in Academy Award for the Best Actor in Supporting role for his 1985 portrayal in Runaway Train as Buck the convict who has escaped; but the award was earned by Don Ameche for his role in the Cocoon.

In the year of 1987, Eric won the Theatre World Award for his performance in Burn This which was his Broadway debut. In 1996, Eric made his debut in Doctor Who which was a film series for television in the role of Master.

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