Eric Ripert is a well known chef who hails from the country of France, additionally he is also a television personality and an author. Eric Ripert specialises in cooking up modern French cuisine dishes and is world renowned for his seafood specialities.

At present Eric Ripert’s main restaurant named Le Bernardin which is located in New York City in New York, United States of America is ranked 17th on the yearly list of “The World’s 50 Best restaurants” and is consistently a part of the best restaurants in the world lists by a variety of world culinary magazines. The Michelin Guide awards Le Bernardin three stars and it has a majority of 4 star ratings by The New York Times.

Personal Life

Eric Ripert was born in Antibes, in the country of France on March 2,1965 and according to his biography he took a great interest in cooking at a very young age. Eric Ripert has confessed that his inspiration and guide when he began learning to cook was his grandmother. At a young age itself, his family shifted to Andorra. It was in Andorra that Eric Ripert was raised and spent a great deal of his childhood and life as young adult. Later on, Eric Ripert returned to his native country of France, in Perpignan and enrolled himself at a culinary school.


When Eric Ripert turned 17 in the year 1982, he moved to the capital city of France, Paris, it was here that he worked for two years at a well known restaurant that is over 400 years old, the restaurant is named La Tour d’Argent. Eric Ripert then went on to work under Joël Robuchon at the Jamin and he was quickly promoted to the post of Assistant Chef de Partie. In the year 1985 Eric Ripert quit his job to fulfill his duties for the country’s military service, post which he came back to the Jamin, however as the Chef Poissonier this time around.

Later in the year 1989, Eric Ripert shifted to the United States of America and got employed at the Jean Louis Palladin restaurant as a sous chef . The Restaurant was located in the Watergate Hotel. Eric Ripert then shifted to New York in the year 1991, where he briefly worked as the sous-chef at David Bouley’s before Maguy and Gilbert Le Coze hired Eric Ripert as the chef for the famous restaurant Le Bernardin.

In the year 1994, Eric Ripert was promoted to the position of the executive chef at Le Bernardin after the unexpected death of Gilbert Le Coze, who died after suffering a heart attack. The very next year when he was just a 29 year old, the New York Times gave Eric Ripert a four-star rating, and in the year 1996 he also became a partial owner. The restaurant Le Bernardin has earned the reputation of being the Temple of Seafood.

Currently, Eric Ripert serves as the Vice Chairman on City Harvest board as he works to unite the restauranteurs and top chefs of New York to raise money and improve the quality and quantity of food donations to the needy in New York.

Last Modified: 31 Mar, 2018

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