There is no doubt that Eric Braden is one of the finest television actors the country has seen for a long time. He also has left his mark behind in various big screen roles also and hence at the end of the day, it is not out of place to mention that Eric is a successful and talented small and big screen actor.

He has acted in a number of serials and films but a few of them have made Eric what he is today. His role as Victor Norman in the famous soap opera by the name The Young And the Restless is still being talked about by people across many generations.

He was born on April 3, 1941 and there is no doubt that the life and achievements of Eric over the past 76 years has been quite impressive and perhaps even outstanding. Hence it would not be a bad idea to have a look at his small biography for the benefit of his supporters and followers. We are sure it will leave behind sweet memories of Eric Braeden and the achievements he has to his credit over the past many decades because of his immense talent and perseverance.

Early Life

Eric was German by birth and he was born in a place by the name in Bredenbek, Germany. His name at his birth was Hans-Jorg Gudegast. He moved to USA in the year 1959 and is believed that he attended the University of Montana at Missoula and got his education. He was a talented actor since his young days and there are many unconfirmed reports that he was able to impress many with his acting skills even as a child and teenager. This helped him to cement his career going forward and made Eric what he is today.

Personal Life

Eric Braden’s personal life has been quite steady. In 1966, he got married to Dale Gudegast and the marriage happened on October 8. It would not be out of place to mention that the personal life of Eric has been quite smooth so far and he and Dale have a son out of their marriage. The name of their son is Christan. Christan also has written a book and he also acted with Vin Diesel. Both Eric and Dale are sharing an excellent relationship and they seem to love one another quite intensely and the question of divorce or other such issues does not arise as of now.

Net Worth

The net worth of Eric Braeden is estimated to be around a whopping $25 million which is amazing to say the least.


Let us now spend some time looking into the career of Eric Braeden. It all started in 1965 when Eric appeared in a film by the name Morituri. The movie was famous because amongst others, it also had Yul Bryner and Marlon Brando as co-stars for Eric. He has since then acted in dozens of movies and quite a few of them have won critical acclaim.

Eric also has been able to make his presence felt strongly in the small screen. It started in the year 1963 with the title Combat and since then he must have acted in dozens of small screen serials and the last one was in 2008 by the name How I Met Your Mother.

Last Modified: 04 May, 2018

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