Elizabeth Hendrickson was born in the year 1979 and she is American actress. She had a big break when she was casted as Frankie Stone at Daytime drama called All My children. Another role that made her to be famous is when she was Maggie Stone, a charter of an identical twin. She was able to launch the character to become of iconic status and it was half of a supermodel called Bianca Montgomery and that of Maggie Stone. After the departure from All My Children, then Hendrickson became the guest star in many primetime shows. She was a fashion vixen called Chloe Mitchell with The Young and the Restless.

According to her biography, Elizabeth Hendrickson was born in the city of New York City. The family had to move and they went to live in Northport, in Long Island. They were maintaining a house at this place. When she was still young, she became to be interested into the performing arts. This is because most of the time, she had artistic people who have been surrounding her.

The first play she was in, it was in her fourth grade called Johnny Appleseed. When she reached the sixth grade, she said that she will be actress and she wanted to join Broadway. When she was in the eighth grade, she was one of the six finalists at The Mickey Mouse Club in New York.

Elizabeth Hendrickson did musical theatre with Syracuse University for two years and then returned to New York. She went to study at Fordham College, when she was in the sophomore years. She did audition for Bianca Montgomery role, Pine Valley High Cheerleader called Mindy and Rain Wilkins for all My Children. She also tried out Guiding Light character of Michele Bauer Santos, but the role was given to Rebecca Budig.

After leaving the role in All My children, Hendrickson appeared in many roles at television shows such as Cold Case, Medium and CSI Miami. She had also uncredited role at Criminal Minds. She joined the Young and The Restless where she was in the character of Kate, a fashionista who wished to stir up the trouble in this drama. She was a daughter of Esther Valentine, the maid of Katherine Chancellor. She appeared in the Imaginary Bitches together with Riegel, it is a web series. It is said that she had joined General Hospital cast.

Her father owns an Italian restaurant together with his brothers, his mom has a clam bar, and this is where she worked like a waitress. She is a granddaughter to Les Colondy. She is an only child; she is a friend to Eden Riegel and became the bridesmaid in the wedding of Christel Khalil. Even if she is around 38 years old, there is no information, if she is married or not or if she had a divorce before.

Last Modified: 29 May, 2018

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