Elizabeth Ann Britton Harding Blaesing is the daughter of Warren G Harding and she was the president of United States with a mistress called Nan Britton. They started since he was US senator and it continued up the time of his death when he was still a president.

Nan Britton made the public claim when she wrote the book called The President’s Daughter. There is no evidence that Harding had ever acknowledged that he was the father of the child. Elizabeth was using Harding surname when she was still a child until she became a young adults. Because of an error, she was written as Emma Eloise Britton on a birth certificate and this was also used as the surname of the child sometime.

Elizabeth Ann was born in the city of Asbury Park of New Jersey. She got given to her uncle and aunt to be raised by them. They were Scott and Elizabeth Willits and lived in Athens in the city of Ohio. The aunt and her husband were music professors in Ohio University. This girl continued to live at Athens for many years up to the time she was given back to live with Britton after publishing the book.

Ann attended and graduated at Sullivan High School and it was at Rogers Park Neighborhood for Chicago in Illinois and afterwards he got married to Henry Edward Blaesing in the year 1938. During this time, Nan Britton was talking about it in some series of the newspaper interviews where she was discussing about Ann Harding and her marriage but did refuse to provide who the husband was.

During the year 1950 up to 1950s, Ann together with the husband and their sons, they were living in the city of Downey in California. In the year 1960s, this family had to live in Glendale in California. Elizabeth Ann died in the year 2005 and even if the family failed to make the public announcement about the death, the son called Thomas Blaesing, he confirmed this even in the interview during the year 2006. It was in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

According to the son, Elizabeth Ann was not too interested in getting the DNA evidence which confirms the paternity. Testing the grandchildren of Elizabeth Ann and his children, it can still solve the problem. In the year 2015, the New York Times, did reports that testing done by AncestryDNA which work under Ancestry.com, had confirmed that Elizabeth Ann was a real daughter of Harding.

When Nan wrote about the affair with the president, she was called a delusional woman who had no evidence to prove this. However the DNA done on the grandnephew of Harding called Peter with the grandson of Elizabeth Ann Britton Harding Blaesing, had shown without a doubt that the family has a relationship. After the proof, both families wanted to reunite and to connect as a family.

Last Modified: 04 May, 2018

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