The accomplished Journalist, Elise Jordan took birth on 22nd June 1990. She is of White ethnicity. She was born to Susan Boone Jordan and Kelly Jordan. Elise went to Little Angels High School, located in New York. She attended Yale University in the year 2004. She is of American nationality. Her birth name was Catherine Elise Jordan.

Elise started her career as an article writer and accomplished her life to where she is now. Elise is a top notch Journalist, an incredible Speechwriter and Commentator. Elise is the widow of Michael Hastings. The couple got married in the year 2011. Michael was an American Journalist. Unfortunately, he lost his life in a car accident in Los Angeles in 2013. Elise still mourns the loss of her beloved husband, but she also believes that life should not stop and has to move on with courage and the right attitude.

Michel Hastings was born on 28 January 1980 and sadly passed away on 18th June, 2013. He was a renowned American Journalist. Hastings was a well known author and an editor to the Rolling Stone, a biweekly American magazine. He rose to the limelight with his coverage of the Iraq war for an American weekly magazine, Newsweek, in the year 2000. Hastings was a reporter for BuzzFeed. He was born in California and raised in New York. He attended New York University. Hastings was honored with George Polk Award and Norman Mailer Prize.


The Political Speechwriter Elise Jordan is a Political Analyst for MSNBC. She is a regular member of the MSNBC's political discussion panels. She is also a contributor to the Time magazine. Elise worked as a contributor to The Daily Beast. She was also the director for communication in the National Security Council, responsible for coordinating policies on national security. Elise worked as a speechwriter for Condoleezza Rice.

She has worked as a National Review Columnist, National Journal Columnist and Republican Strategist. Elise is a Political Speechwriter, Commentator and a Journalist from America. Elise worked as a speechwriter in the White House office at the US Embassy in Iraq.

Elise was a part of the International Security Assistance Force in Kabul and served for the Commanding General's Strategic Advisory Group. She was a correspondent at a News TV series Beat with Ari Melber, Deadline: White House and Kasie DC. Elise appeared in a News TV talk show series Fox and Friends. Elise has been a part of the UNICEF's Next Generation Steering Committee.

The public figure, Elise has 34,988 followers on Twitter. She has 2130 followers on Instagram. She is not active on Facebook. Elise is very private about her personal life. She is seen to be a very joyous, courageous and a positive person who knows how to take life forward and conquer it. Elise has been an inspiration to many women struggling to stay strong and happy. She has been awarded journalism awards for her fearless and bold comments on the politicians. Elise Jordan has earned a Net worth of around $1.2 million and a Salary of about $88,000.

Last Modified: 07 Apr, 2018

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