Elijah Brown is a well known performer and dancer. He is a Canadian and is famous for his performances with big names such as Franco Dragone, Louise Lecavalier, Marie Chouinard and Celine Dion. Personal Life Elijah Brown was born in the year 1971. He was born in Canada where he spent most of his early years with his close-knit friends and family.

He is a tall, well-built man of white ethnicity. From a very early age, he identified the art of dancing as his passion. He had an innate talent towards dancing that made his family support him towards achieving his dreams. Apart from dancing, the aspect of theatre also stirred his interest. His education was mostly based on various forms of dance and theatrics arts.

He is also known to have a good nature and is very friendly with his co-workers. He is loved by his students as well as his colleagues in equal measures. He is also known to be very attached to his family, and spends time with them whenever he can. Most of his family members still resides in Canada. Career.

Elijah Brown is popular for his work as the main character alongside Celine Dion in the successful entertainment show called A New Day. The show was directed by the famous director Franco Dragone. Elijah was also part of the solo named "Des Feux Dans la Nuit”. It lasted almost for an hour and it premiered in Vienna, Austria, at the Burgtheater . It was specifically created for Elijah by Marie Chouinard, the famous and highly reputed choreographer.

Elijah has toured Canada and Europe for a duet which he performs alongside well known dancer Louise Lecavalier, the duet is titled “A Few Minutes of Lock”. It was created by Edouard Lock, the choreographer, while the music was scored by Iggy Pop.

Elijah is a Valedictorian graduate from the Ryerson Theatre School, prior to which he studied in various Dance and Theatre programs. In his professional life he has performed in various productions along with the West Side Story, the Canadian Opera Company apart from starring in a few of the early films made by Michael Downing. As of now, Elijah is involved in projects with reputed director Francois Girard. Elijah is also working with Zarkana, the popular Cirque du Soleil show.

Last Modified: Nov 11, 2018

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