Edward Jefferies happens to be a director and an actor from the continent of Australia who gained fame on a national level for his contribution in the extremely popular film by the name ‘Team Orion The Fight for Freedom’ wherein he served as the director, composer and the writer for the film. He also made a portrayal of a Colonel Peter Jackson which was a small role yet it showed the world what a multi-talented and versatile individual Edward Jefferies really is.

Personal Life

As a young teenage boy, Edward Jefferies was involved with a young girl his age named Tiffany Blackford. He was later in a relationship with another girl name Sophie Bennett who happens to be a fellow actress who enacted the role of a young girl called Stevie Lake in a movie called ‘The Saddle Club’. The duo announced their break up in the year 2005 after being together for a period of about 4 years. He then went on to date a girl called Teryl in the year 2006.


Edward who is nothing less than a multi-faceted individual has an utmost interest in the world of music and was a member of the band known as ‘The Stars of Orion’ through which the band and its multi-talented members have released various single hits and top charting albums till date.

As a young boy, Jeff Garnered an enormous amount of interest in the field of applied arts. In his childhood, Edward watched sci-fi movies with extreme fascination. In his childhood days, Ed enacted scenes from his favorite cinematic creations while playing with his friends in the park. Ed was a director and a full-time actor in his childhood.

After having struggled doing small roles and short stints in the initial days of his career, Ed secured for himself a successful standing with the release of his own creation ‘Team Orion The Fight for Freedom’ which established Ed as a talented upcoming personality in the Australian tv and film industry.

Ed’s movies were viewed by about 5 million people around the world and he garnered a tremendous amount of praise for it. In that very year, Ed made a portrayal of a waiter in France in the play called the Montparnasse 1919. Edward Jefferies owns his own company named the EJsFilms which happens to be one of the first entity to host tv shows, films and movies in Australia as well as NZ.

Last Modified: Oct 16, 2019

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