Edgar Hansen is a chief engineer, deck boss and relief skipper of at a fishing vessel called Northwestern. He got to the popularity and recognition because of being on a reality show named Deadliest Catch where he was working under the brother called Sig Hansen.

Edgar Hansen is the son to Sverre Hansen born in the year 1971. It was in Seattle in Washington. He was born from Norwegian fishermen family. The father and the grandfather were in the business where they were pioneering the crab fishing in the city of Alaska. He is a tall man of 79kgs and 6 feet. He has two brothers, Normand Hansen and Sig Hansen. He spent most of his early life trying to enhance the skills that will help him to become professional in fishing. Most information about his early biography is not available. The only thing known is that he had the passion with the love of fishing since he was too young.

For his schooling, he did not attend traditional schools so he can have more time to fish. This shows how much he was passionate in fishing career and in carrying on the business of the family.

When he was 18, he started the career like deck hand at fishing vessel known as Northwestern. However, at the beginning, he was not a person to depend on since he had a carefree and flunky nature. Afterwards, he proved them to be wrong and started to perform his task with the tail and utmost focus. The crew and the ship have the record of having the best safety records without any record of death. They did win the Deadliest Catch of 2005 and of 2006.

He works with the brothers for over 20 years and one is a captain and another one a deck boss. When he started his career, he had the strained relationship with the crew but after sometime, the passion he had towards his job, made him to come back. At a certain occasion, he had to risk his own life so that he can get the power back in the crippled vessels. In his deckhand career, he got too much wealth and time and he is a member of these fish vessels that produce the highest fish. He has a net worth of 700 thousand dollars but there is no information about how much he gets as a salary.

Edgar Hansen got married and his wife is a long time girlfriend named Louise Hansen. They got married after dating for some time. There is none talking about any separation and together they have three children, they are Eric Hansen, Logan Hansen and Stefanie Hansen. While working, he does everything possible to ensure that nothing hampers his work. He said that fishing is like addiction in the family and everyone wants to carry on this family tradition.

Last Modified: 04 May, 2018

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