Duane Lee the “Dog” Chapman born on February the 2nd in the year 1953 is a bounty hunter of American origin who also worked formerly as a bail bondsman. He is popular for having starred in a reality tv show which appeared weekly known as Dog the Bounty Hunter which had a total of 8 seasons and which ran between the years 2004 and 2012. He then starred in in another reality tv program called Dog and Beth: On the Hunt which was aired between April the 21st 2013 and August of 22nd 2015.

Personal life

Born on the 2nd in the month of February in the year 1953, Duane was born to mother Barbara Chapman and father Wesley. Duane is the eldest among the Chapman family’s four children which includes 3 sisters and 1 brother. He has German roots on his mother’s side while English roots on that of his father’s side. His mother was a strict catholic and made her children follow the rules of Catholicism due to being a pastor for the church of Assemblies of God herself.


In the year 2003 on the 18th of June, Chapman became renowned internationally for the capture of Andrew Luster who had escaped from the United States of America despite having been charged with the drugging and of raping several women. Andrew had been convicted in his absence for about 86 times, including charges in the years between 96 and 2000. Chapman received assistance from what came to be known as the hunt team which consisted of Andrew’s sons Leland and Tim. The accused Andrew Luster was apprehended by the hunt team in Mexico in the city of Puerto Vallarta where Andrew had been living under a false identity.

While on the way back to the US, the hunt Team had been stopped by the Mexican police and the four of them had been jailed. Once Andrew’s identity had been confirmed by the authorities, he had been sent to California where he had been sentenced to a 125 years prison sentence. Initially having been denied bail, Duane’s wife Beth alerted the media which made way to an arousal in the American society.

On advice of their attorney after having been granted bail, the family escaped the jurisdiction which thus made them international bail ditchers. Thus in 2006 on September the 14th, the Chapman men were jailed by the US Marshalls in Honolulu as an act by the Mexican government. The judiciary of Mexico had charged the Chapman men with the act of “Deprivation of Liberty” since the act of bounty hunting is an illegal activity in Mexico.

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