Drew Fuller is a 37-year-old American actor cum ex model who has worked for prestigious brands such as Prada and J. Crew. As far as his acting career is concerned, Drew Fuller has portrayed Chris Halliwell on ‘Charmed’ and Trevor LeBlanc on ‘Lifetime’s Army Wives’.

Personal life

Born on 19th May, 1980, Drew Fuller is a former model and an established actor who took birth in Atherton, California. He was raised by his parents in an opulent family in Newport Beach. Drew grew up alongside his younger sister Hilary Fuller. Drew has a mix of Scottish, Russian, Italian and English ethnicity. Drew Fuller was inclined towards modeling since a very young age and he began his career in modeling professionally since the age of sixteen itself.

Throwing some light on the personal lifestyle of Drew Fuller, it is said that he is an avid motorcycle racer and also a fan of the sport. He plays piano and his favorite food is sushi. He also finds solace in travelling which is well reflected by his instagram pictures. Drew was once in a relationship with Sahra Carter and Carin Kingsland for a short time. Currently, Drew is married to Ceara McAuliffe who hails from the beautiful city of Venice. The couple live in Hollywood Hills, California and have no children yet. Drew Fuller can be searched on almost every social media which includes twitter, instagram and snapchat.


It can’t be denied that Drew Fuller’s journey so far has been a mixture of hard work, grit and luck as well. How Drew was exposed to the world of show business is mostly because of his good luck as an agent discovered him when Drew was merely twelve years of age and his picture was printed on the cover page of the famous UCLA Magazine.

A family friend of Drew did the honor of commencing little Drew’s career in modeling. After deciding to wait for a few years, Drew finally entered into a contract at sixteen years of age with top fashion brands of the world like Tommy Hilfiger, Prada and Club Med. Drew has also appeared in several television commercials such as Toyota, J. Crew, Subway and Pepsi wherein he appeared alongside Britney Spears.

Drew Fuller can also be seen in the music video ‘Wherever You Will Go’ by The Calling band. He also participated in a music video ‘BareNaked’ which was released by Jennifer Love Hewitt. Apart from the various TV commercials, modeling and appearances in music videos, Drew has also done many movies and television shows which have made him really famous. Drew portrayed Chris Halliwell on the TV show ‘Charmed’ for three seasons.

Some of Drew’s latest roles include ‘The Ultimate Gift’ and ‘Army Wives’. Moreover, Drew even co-starred in ‘The Circuit’. He also made a cameo in ‘Tired of being Sorry’ for the band named Ringside. It can be clearly understood from the biography of Drew Fuller that he has achieved a lot through his life and that is the reason for his net worth being $1.5 million.

Last Modified: 10 May, 2018

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