There is no denying the fact that America has been instrumental in producing some of the finest sportswomen. In keeping with this tradition, we have the name of Dorothy Stuart Hamill. She often is regarded as one of the finest figure skaters of the country. Dorothy was born on July 26, 1956 and she has achieved quite a bit as a figure skater as far as career and achievements are concerned. Therefore there is little doubt that her biography will be quite rich.

Hence, without wasting much of time let us have a look at the various aspects of her life. It certainly will be useful and interesting piece of information and her fans will certainly be happy reading the information that is being shared hereunder. Dorothy Hamill was the 1976 Olympic Champion and also the 1976 World Champion as far as Woman’s Singles event was concerned. Therefore these two achievements are certainly feather in her cap.

Early Life

Dorothy Hamill had her birth in a place called Illinois, Chicago The name of her father is Chalmers Hamill who was a reasonably successful mechanical engineer. Her mother is Carol Hamill. After her birth, the entire family moved to Connecticut in a place called Greenwich, and they stayed by the Riverside Neighborhood.

As far as her early life is concerned it is interesting that she spent her entire childhood in Connecticut and therefore it has a special place for her in her life. She has a sister and brother both of whom are elder to her. Since Dorothy was a born skater she had to change many schools to accommodate her skating schedules. Eventually she completed her studies and graduation from Colorado Academy School.

Personal Life

Talking about the personal life of Dorothy, it would be pertinent to mention that she has to encounter two divorces in her life. She first married Dean Paul Martin. This marriage happened in the year 1982 and she got divorced in the year 1984.

She again married Kenneth Forsythe in the year 1987 and the marriage lasted till 1995. She had a daughter from the second marriage and her name is Alexandra. Though she was a successful figure skater, it is believed that Dorothy Hamill did suffer bouts of severe depression and she also is known to have been treated for breast cancer. It is sad that Dorothy’s daughter also suffers from chronic depression and has been undergoing treatment and counseling to overcome this problem.

Net Worth

According to estimates the net worth of Dorothy Hamill should be around $5 million dollars.


It would not be out of place to mention here that Dorothy Hamill has had a highly successful and eventful career. It all began to take shape in 1969. Hamill won a famous ladies title at the young age of twelve at the U.S Championships. Since then there has been a string of achievements and it all culminated with her winning the 1976 Olympic Championship gold and also the individual gold in the World Olympics. Dorothy also was the U.S.A Champion from 1974 to 1976 and has dominated the scene when she was in her prime.

Last Modified: 04 May, 2018

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