Donny Osmond is known as an American singer and actor. He is most famous for the Osmond Brothers and Donny & Marie.

Background and Age

Donald Clark Osmond was born on December 9, 1957, in Odgen, Utah. A characteristic performer, Donny started performing with his more established kin as part of the Osmond Brothers when he was a small kid. Alan, Wayne, Merrill, and Jay had just been singing together for a considerable length of time before adding Donny to the gathering.

Career and Net Worth

In 1962, the Osmond Brothers appeared on The Andy Williams Show, which acquainted the group with a national group of spectators. They became regular guests, and Donny first joined his siblings on the program when he was 5 years of age. At first the gathering sang barbershop quartet style harmonies on strict material, however, they later joined increasingly well-known tunes into their performances. Committed to their Mormon confidence faith, the Osmond Brothers were known for their moderate performance.

Like Michael Jackson of The Jackson 5, Donny turned into the champion performer. He filled in as the lead vocalist on a significant number of the gathering's tracks, including their first success, "One Bad Apple," which went through five weeks at the highest point of the pop charts in 1971. At that point, charging themselves as the Osmonds, they had a few additional hits, including "Down by the Lazy River" and "Crazy Horses." For a great part of the mid-1970s, the gathering built up an energetic adolescent fan base with some calling it "Osmondmania," after the prior craze known as Beatlemania.

The fame of the Osmonds eventually started to blur, however, Donny proceeded to work together with his sister Marie to incredible achievement. After the pair co-hosted The Mike Douglas Show in the mid-70s, they were conceded their own theatrical presentation by ABC. Appearing in January 1976, Donny and Marie was a 60 minutes in length program loaded up with tunes and productions.

In 1978, Donny and Marie featured in their very own feature film, Goin' Coconuts, which consolidated a lot of singing and kidding around like their theatrical presentation.

Osmond was asked to play a character known as Peacock on a new show called the Masked Singer in 2019. In October 2019, the dedicated fans of the Masked Singer were sd when one of the panelists, Jenny McCarthy said on Twitter that the show was going on break.

Marriage, Wife and Kids

Osmond is married to his better half, Debbie. The couple has five children together. The names of their children are Don, Brandon, Jeremy, Christopher, and Joshua.

Last Modified: Oct 13, 2021

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