Glenn Anton “Doc” Rivers is a former coach and a basketball player of American origin. He also happens to be the head coach for the clippers who are based out of Los Angeles. As a point guard for the NBA, Doc is best known for his extremely strong defense.

Personal Life

Doc happens to be a nephew to the former basket ball player for the NBA Jim Brewer. He resides in Florida at Orlando, along with his spouse Kristen; together with whom he has 4 children. Doc’s oldest son named Jeremiah has played basket ball at the University of Georgetown and the university of Indiana and has also played for the NBA-D League in the Maine Red Claws.

Doc’s daughter Callie has played the sport of volleyball in the Florida University and then played as a professional player in Puerto Rico, while Doc’s second child Austin played for one year as the guard for the University of Duke before having been drafted in the New Orleans team called as Hornets and then joined his father’s team Clippers in the year of 2015. Doc’s other son Spencer plays as a guard for UC Irvine and the Winter Park High School.

Doc Also happens to be a cousin Of Bryon Irvin who happens to be a former guard for the NBA and Ken Singleton who happens to be a former outfielder for the MLB.

Doc received his nickname by the assistant coach Rick Majerrus of then Marquette because he attended a basket ball camp one summer all while wearing a shirt depicting Dr. J. Thus, Rick began calling hi, Doc and everybody else started doing the same.


Doc is credited with representing The United States of America in the National Team for the World Championships FIBA held in the year of 1982 which earned the team a silver medal under his leadership in spite of having missed one of the last shots for final which would have earned the title for his team. After playing three seasons for the University of Marquette, Doc had been selected for round 2 in 1983 by Atlanta Hawks.

He attained graduation from the University of Marquette while completing his course work to become an NBA player. He then spent 7 seasons for Atlanta as a starter by assisting the then star Dominique Wilkins which resulted in a frequent success for the team. And attained him about 12.8 points and further spent a year for the Clippers of Los Angeles as a starter.

Last Modified: 30 Jun, 2018

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