Diana Olczyk is a popular for being the wife of the former hockey player named Eddie Olczyk who hailed formed the country of the United States of America.

Personal Life Career

Details about the early life of Diana Olczyk are scarcely known to the public or the media. Diana Olczyk has not published her biography and hence information regarding her initial life are not available. Diana Olczyk has been married to Eddie Olczyk who is a well known professional hockey player. Together the couple has 4 children named Eddie, Nick, Tom and Zandra Olcyzk.All of their sons have been actively playing hockey at some point of time in their careers, with Eddie who has retired and currently serves the Niagara Purple Eagles as the Assistant coach.

Details about her professional life are not available as well, the lack of details in any field can be attributed to her fierce protectiveness and her lack of liking for social media. It is widely believed that post getting married to Eddie Olcyzk, she quit her professional life to become a housewife and went on to dedicate her life to raise her four children and as commented by fans of the former hockey star, that she has played an instrumental role in raising and keeping together the family of six.

Last Modified: 30 Apr, 2018

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