American born athlete Devin Harris currently plying his trade for the Denver nuggets in the NBA as a shooting guard. His full name being Devin Lamar Harris as cited in a biography of his.

Personal Life and Career

Son to Julie and terry Harris, Devin was born in the state of Wisconsin in February 27th 1983 in the city of Milwaukee and he was raised there as well. Devin is not married but has a fiancée and 2 daughters.The 35-year-old attended Wauwatosa East High School where he was an outstanding athlete in both basketball and volleyball. Initially he preferred to play volleyball before deciding to switch to basketball after a year of winning all honors available.

In his senior year at Wauwatosa in 2001, Harris led his Wauwatosa High School through a triumphant year conquering every team in the division leading to Harris being crowned Mr. Basketball. He later got an invitation to join the University of Wisconsin in the state capital of Madison. In his rookie year, Devin was a regular starter in the uncelebrated team being among the lowest ranking in the division but with an outstanding team assembled by then coach Bo Ryan, they were able to win the championship surprising many. By 2004 his second year in university Devin had established himself as among the standout players in the state as well as the country receiving The Silver Basketball Award, A Big Ten Player of The Year gong as well as being named an All American.

Harris opted out off college course to pursue a career in the National Basketball Association (NBA) league, making himself available for the June 2004 NBA draft. He was initially drafted by the Washington Wizards and latterly traded to the Dallas Mavericks as the two teams had agreed prior to the draft.

As a rookie, Harris standard points score and assists per game were 5.7 and 2.2 respectively. The consequent season of 2005 there was noted improvements in Harris’ game earning himself more minutes in the court and his standard points score and assists per game increased to 9.9 and 3.2 respectively. Missing the latter stages of the season through injury, Harris returned in the playoffs against the San Antonio Spurs helping his team edge out the long-time opponents earning a spot in the 2006 finals of the NBA eventually losing to the Miami based team Miami Heat.

Harris progression continued as he improved his scoring and assisting tallies becoming the main starting guard for the Dallas Mavericks in the 2006/2007 season. His journey with the Mavericks ended in 2008 as he was traded to New Jersey Nets playing for them for 4 years before being traded again to the Utah Jazz in 2011 playing there for a year before being traded once more to Atlanta Hawks and eventually to the Dallas Mavericks playing for them for 5 years and finally moving to the Denver Nuggets his current team. He reportedly has a net worth of $ 20 million.

Last Modified: 14 May, 2018

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