Deborah Mathers is a married woman and his new husband is called John Briggs. He got married for the first time to Marshall Mathers II and it was when she was only 17 years old and she gave birth to Eminem, when he was still too young. It is said that she suffered Munchausen syndrome and feigned the illness of her children so that she can get sympathy and support. Her first husband, Marshal Mathers, left the family when Eminem was only 18 months.

Eminem suffered psychological and physical and verbal trauma because of his mother. The relationship with her son was not good so she had to sue him to get 10 million dollars. She was attacking her son saying that his managers were the one who were writing the lyrics for him. After the divorce of the first marriage, she married again three times.

One of her husbands said that she got addicted to different drugs and it was said that she does have irrational character. The father of her second child called Nathan Kane Samara is Fred J Samara.

Deborah Mathers is also called Debbie Mathers. She is an American and she is the mother to Eminem, a famous actor and rapper with the real name Marshal Bruce Mathers III. She is the mother in law to Kimberly Anne Scott and her grandchild is Hailie Jade Mathers.

When it comes to her biography, her birth day falls on 6, January in the year 1955. She lived her life in USA. The parents are Betty Hixson and Bob Nelson. She grew up in the broken home and her stepfather was abusive and was assaulting her physically. Her mother tried to kill herself many times.

She grew up with trouble and was born with 4 other siblings who are Ronnie Polkinghon, Betty Renee, Todd Nelson and Steven Nelson. Ronnie died because of suicide and Steven survived a stroke. Todd is living in the prison since he killed a brother in law, while Betty Renee is working like a housekeeper in the new mansion of Eminem. She lives at this place, with Jack her husband with their three children.

Deborah Mathers attended Lancaster High school but failed to finish since she had problems in the family. She got involved with Eminem’s father at the age of 15. Deborah Mathers is well known as being the mother of Eminem, but she had unhealthy relationship with him and she had been involved with many men. Even if she says that she had to do menial job, Eminem said that she had never got a job and they were only surviving on the welfare organization to get money. Debbie would accuse people or organization wrongly so that they can give her money. She was also saying that her children were sick so that she can be given money. She is now said to have a taxi service and had co-wrote a book talking about her son.

Last Modified: 29 May, 2018

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