Deborah Kara Unger

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Deborah Kara Unger was born in 1966, May 12 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Her mother was a scientist specializing in nuclear physics and her father was a gynecologist. The actress had a normal childhood like so many of Canadian children and spent her time growing up in her hometown. After being done with high school Deborah contemplated what she wanted to do next. After a couple of long discussions with her parents, she decided to further improve her education. The actress was always fascinated with Australia and tried her luck applying for a place in Australia's National Institute of Dramatic Art. Trying is the correct word since before no Canadian was ever accepted in the Institute. However, through sheer work and dedication Unger managed to get a place there and was the first Canadian to ever be accepted in Australia's most prestigious school for actors and other performers.


After finishing her education and getting a degree Deborah found quite a lot of work in Australia. She was a talented person and had no problem landing various roles. Her first gig was in 1989 when she was cast to play Astra in Australian television mini-series Bangkok Hilton which was directed by Ken Cameron. Deborah's role was a small one but she still got to work in a place she loved and she was part of the cast that featured one of the biggest names in the cinema – Nicole Kidman who was also on her way to becoming a movie superstar. Since her first role, Deborah appeared in quite a few movies and TV shows. In 1997, she was in David Fincher's film The Game and before the end of the century she appeared in almost 20 projects. One of the roles the actress is most famous for is that of a Carol Lynn Johnson. She was playing her in Jon Avnet's thriller 88 Minutes and joined the likes of Al Pacino and Alicia Witt. Another memorable movie Deborah was in is Damian Lee's action thriller A Dark Truth. The movie was released in 2012 and made almost 6 million dollars in the Box Office. In 2015, Under was part of 4 different projects including her last one, a movie White Lillies  where she played Beatrice Cooper.        

Personal and life

It is believed that the actress is married but the identity of her husband is unknown. The Canadian likes to keep her private life to herself and it is not surprising that people who are attempting to write her biography have trouble finding the information they seek.

It is, however, known, that her net worth is about 2 million dollars.

Awards and nominations

The actress has several nominations and awards. Her most recent award was in 2014 when she won The Gena Rowlands Award at the Broken Glass Awards. Unger was also nominated for VFCC Award for being the Best Supporting Actress in a Canadian Film.

Deborah Kara Unger is already 50 years old and when you think about it, she did not have a very memorable performance in her career. However, there is still time to fix that as the new year just began and it's certain that she has set her eyes for some projects.

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