David Shapiro was born in the year 1947 and he is a literary critic, art historian and a poet. He had written over 20 volumes that are full of the art criticism, literary and poetry. His work was published for the first time when he was 13 years old and the first book got published at the age of 18.

David Shapiro was born in the city of Newark in the New Jersey city. He grew up and went to Weequahic High school and then matriculated at the Columbia University when he was 16 years. He had a B.A in 1968 and then a Ph.D in the year 1973. He had a degree in English. Since 1968 until 1970, he was at University of Cambridge at Kellet Fellowship and he got M.A with the honors. He was a teacher at Columbia University in Comparative Literature and English department. He also went ahead and taught at Brooklyn College and at Princeton University. He is now teaching literature and poetry at Cooper Union and teaches art history at the William Paterson University.

He became to be well known during the uprising of students in Columbia in the year 1968. He got photographed while sitting at the Grayson L. Kirk desk while wearing dark glasses and he was smoking the cigar.

His writing, do include the monograph about John Ashbery, the painting of Jim Dine and the flowers studies of Piet Mondrian. He also wrote about the drawings of Jasper John. He translated the poem of Rafael Albert about Pablo Picasso and the writing about Robert Delaunay and Sonia. The sonnets he had on the Socrates’ death became the basic for the Unwritten, the song cycle played by Mohammed Fairouz.

According to his biography, his family was artistic. The grandfather was a composer and a cantor, the father was a physician who was studying the sculpture while the mother worked as musician. He got trained in the classical violinist and was named a prodigy. He appeared at Voice of America program when he was only 5. He played with many orchestras.

He had written many poet volumes such as In Memory of An Angel, New and Selected Poems, After a Lost Original, House (Blown Apart), To an Idea, Lateness, The Page-Turner, A Man Holding an Acoustic Panel and Poems From the Deal.

David Shapiro is identified in the New York School of Poets and he was a friend to Kenneth Koch. For his work, he was said that his poets vibrate with the emotions with the esprit. His autobiographical date was able to be subsumed in the real music without rhymed prose and not the enjambed journalism. He is an author of the studies on Piet Mondrian, Jasper Johns and Jim Dine. He is a married man and has a son and wife, but their names had not been disclosed.

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