David Begnaud has been working for the CBS News as a television journalist since 2015.

Personal life

The very famous journalist of CBS News, David Begnaud was born on 13th June, 1983 in North Carolina, U.S.A. David was always inclined towards journalism and didn’t think twice before stepping into the field aged only seventeen. His parents were very supportive of his dream which is why he is successful today. His mother used to work while his father stayed at home and taught him.

Even at the age of thirty four, David Begnaud has chosen not to marry anyone. He is not even dating anyone currently. He has 24k followers on instagram but his pictures too suggest that he isn’t dating anyone.


David Begnaud commenced his career in journalism by working as a reporter and weekend anchor at KLFY-TV. Subsequently, he moved on to KFLA-TV where he worked for two years before joining KTLA. Before David joined the CBS and gained all the name and fame, he had already worked as a reporter for ORA TV which happens to be a platform for breaking news. Since David had started out early, he already had a lot of experience with him which turned out to be quite fruitful in his career at CBS News.

During his career, David visited various places to cover a wide range of topics such as the Florida shootings in 2017, San Bernardino shootings and Orlando shootings. He has also covered the Hurricane Harvey in the year 2017 in Houston. Besides this, David has also covered the Florida, Hurricane Irma and Maria. David is adulated by a lot of American citizens who love his bold opinions on controversial topics. Thanks to his career which commenced early, he has a net worth of a whopping $5 million.

Last Modified: 23 Jun, 2018

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