David Alexis is a singer and a songwriter. He is married to another actress called Madchen Amick who is 46 years old. He has two children. Madchen is also interested in the singing and this is why she is married for all these years to the musician. Everyone is aware that Madchen is hot and beautiful. She is a prominent person to attract anyone of the opposite sex. However, she is happily married to her husband and he had done everything possible to show that he is a fabulous husband. Contrary to many celebrity couples, they have not considered divorce.

The two celebrate the marriage in December and they have been married from 1992. Before the marriage, they were sharing love and relationship together for up to four years. Since the two love music, they had been able to share their love together. David now has become a personal trainer and he spends less time producing the music instead he is in fitness.

David Alexis with his wife, they have two children, they are Mina Tobias Amick Alexis and Sylvester Time Amick Alexis. The son was born in 1992 and the daughter was born in 1993. The children are also involved into the music since they are singers, but Mina is an actress.

From her biography, David Alexis was born in the year 1970 in the city of Sparks, in Nevada. She is an actress. Her father is Judy Amick and the father is Bill Amick. She is 5 feet with 5 inches. She is known for the role she had like Shelly Johnson in the TV series Twin Peaks. She also portrayed Alice Cooper for the TV series called Riverdale. She started to act in 1989 and she is still going strong up to now. She has become a well established actress and she has gained the same height in the movies.

This was when he moved to live in Los Angeles from Nevada. She wanted to pursue an acting career. Her first role was to play in the minor role in the episode of TV series called Star Trek: The Next Generation. In this same year, she became the star of Baywatch. She made the debut at the silver screen in the film called Don’t Tell her, It’s Me. She also featured in the Twin Peaks. This is when she became famous and started to appear in other films.

She also acted in many other films like Love, Cheat & Steal or Trapped in Paradise. By now, she had many roles in the Viva Laughlin, My Own Worst Enemies, Freddie, Riverdale and Alice Cooper. The appearance in films and TV shows had helped her to get reputation and it helped her to get even higher figure in her salary. She has got an estimate of 3 million as a net worth. She is a low key person and she does like to show off as it happens with other people.

Last Modified: 30 Jun, 2018

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