Veteran wide receiver Darnell Woods is best known for being one of the top Defensive players in Football. Being awarded the very revered designation, i.e. The Defensive Player of the Year in the Great Plains Athletic Conference (GPAC) is one of his lifetime achievements.

Personal life

Darnell is a very humble and down to earth player which is one of the reasons why there is very little information known about his personal life, so far. He is not very open to reveal a lot of information about his private life and people surrounding it, regardless of his almost celebrity-like image. It’s no surprise that he hasn’t been featured on any Television talk show till date and likes to keep his life low-key.

Born to a black ethnic couple, Woods is a citizen of the United States of America. His date of birth has been estimated to be somewhere near about the early 1980s. Owing to this uncertainty, his actual age has yet not been figured out. Moreover, there is no information available as to how much is his net worth and salary. Woods spent his childhood in the state of Idaho of America and did his schooling in the Boise State Broncos School there.

As a little kid at school, Woods had an ardent love for Football and was vehemently fervent about playing the sport. His school had an internal Football team in which he enrolled himself and everyone at school were taken aback with him emerging extraordinarily as a budding player.

Woods talks about his early childhood love and passion for football in an incident he recalls- He wanted a pair of new football shoes and his parents demanded he clean the entire yard of their house for getting his demand fulfilled. That entire afternoon Darnel spent hours cleaning the yard under the sun in a hope of being rewarded with the promised pair of shoes. Such was his ardour towards Football.


After having completed his educatiion at school, Woods got enrolled into the Concordia University and it was then that his career in Football started taking shape and form. Right from the first year of college itself, he joined the Football team and started doing wonders there. He was the leading Wide Receiver at his University Football team nicknamed as “Bulldogs”.

Because of his exemplary performance as a player at his University Football team, Darnel was chosen to play in the very first team in the Great Plains Athletic Conference i.e. GPAC in the year 2012 and was also conferred with the Omaha World-Herald All-Nebraska award.

In league with the NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics), GPAC is an annual inter-college sports meet held in three states of America i.e. Nebraska, South Dakota and Iowa. GPAC currently has 11 member schools, including Concordia University, Nebraska. In the year when he was awarded The Defensive Player of the Year title in the Great Plains Athletic Conference, he was shouldering the responsibility of leading Bulldogs, which he did very efficiently.

Last Modified: Jun 25, 2020

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