Darlene Pomales, a distinguished journalist presently known as Darlene Rodriguez, was born on 16th June in the year 1970. She drew the first breath in New York City. Even though there is no available information about her parents, one can assume that she was at least from a middle class family because the parents supported her financially in her life. It is also known that she craved to be a journalist since the very childhood. Darlene Rodriguez has Puerto Rican roots.


At first, Darlene Rodriguez studied at the Columbus High School. After graduating from the high school in 1988, she got enrolled in the University of Miami, where she obtained a degree in Political Science and Journalism later. It is also known that she had been engaged in a number of journalistic activities while studying in the college.

Career Experience

After participating in and launching a large number of journalistic projects at her university, Darlene Rodriguez joined the WCBS’s Radio 88, where he worked on the position of a general assignment reporter. She was getting the first real experience of journalistic work there for four years, and subsequently she left the radio station to develop her career further. Then, she became a reporter at the Bronx Net Cable TV, where she worked for several years.

The last major step in her career was her move to the WNBC channel, the main and most popular channel of NBC Network, in 2003. At first, Darlene Rodriguez briefly worked simply as a reporter at the channel. Later, however, she became a co-anchor of the channel’s “Weekend Today in New York” show, a local weekend morning news TV program. After successfully presenting her at that show, she moved on and became a co-anchor of the “Today in New York”, broadcasted every weekday. Since July 2003, Darlene Pomales has been in charge of anchoring the show up to now. Given that she is a hardworking and dedicated journalist, it should not come as a surprise her net worth is as high as $1.5 million.

Darlene Rodriguez has also participated in a number of various TV shows as well as she temporarily co-hosted some shows at the WNBC channel.

Personal life

Naturally, Darlene Rodriguez does her best to keep silent on the affair of her private life. It is known that she is married to David Rodriguez, who works as a policeman. There is nothing known, however, about the date or details of their wedding. So far, the couple does not have any children, even though there are rumors that Darlene Rodriguez is expecting a baby.

However, despite numerous assumptions that they have a happy, calm mutual life together, there is a scandal that struck a couple in 2008. Then, the journalist’s husband, together with his colleagues, came to the home of an alleged crime and saved a girl from rape from the side of her boyfriend. The latest was detained. However, David Rodriguez came back later, when he was not on duty, and allegedly had a sex with the girl “with the use of authority.” He admitted it in the court. Despite the support that her wife expressed, she did not go to the court that day. However, they are still together and it must mean that everything goes smoothly.

Darlene Rodriguez is also highly active on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. She has over 14 thousand followers on Facebook, while the number of the followers is noticeably less in the latest social network. However, there she has a large gallery of pictures and photos that attract viewers. Now, the couple resides in their house in New York’s Croton-on-Hudson.



Last Modified: 25 Jul, 2016

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