Quick facts
Birth date 17 Feb, 1986
Age 33 yrs
Occupations Journalist
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place Philadelphia
Education Princeton University
Gender Female
Description American writer and television personality

Born in the year of 1986 on the 17th of February, Daphne Nur Oz happens to be a television host, n author and a unionist from the United States of America. She happens to be a member host of 5 co-hosts in the daytime talk show by ABC known as the Chew for the fist 6 seasons of the show from the year of 2011 until the year of 2017.

Personal Life

Daphne happens to be the eldest child of Mehmet Oz who happens to be a doctor on television herself and was born in the city of Philadelphia in the state of Pennsylvania. During her birth, there had been a complication at the time of her birth wherein the umbilical cord between Mehmet ad Daphne had been wrapped around Dapne’s neck and had been given and apgar score of about 2, but she emerged victorious against the battle of death and made a full recovery.

Her grandparents on her mother’s side, grandmother Suna Atabay and grandfather Mustafa Oz had emigrated from the Konya Province of Turkey. She also has ancestry lines which trace back to the Shapsug ancestry from the side of her mother’s great grandparents. Daphne had been raised in the Cliffside Park area of New Jersey from where she completed her graduation from the Dwight Englewood School in the year of 2004.

Daphne has a total of 3 siblings, which include Oliver, Zoe and Arabella. Daphne achieve her graduation Degree in the field of Near Eastern Studies from the famous University of Princeton in the year of 2008.


Daphne’s first book was the Dorn Room Diet which was released in the year of 2006 which was her version advancement to her version of the Freshman 15 report. Her book is an introduction to developing various healthy habits while you’re still in college that would benefit an average student throughout his or her life. The book attained appreciation from various media institutions including Seventeen, Cosmo Girl!, Teen Vogue, Reader’s Digest, The Washington Post, People. The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. She also made various appearances on multiple shows which include The Dr. Oz show, NPR weekend edition, The Tyra Banks Show, The Nate Berkus Show, Fox and Friends and Good Morning America.

Last Modified: Feb 7, 2020

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