Dann Florek was born in the year 1950 and he is American director and actor. He is known because of the role he had in the Law & Order, a show on NBC and he was New York City Police captain named Donald Cragen. He was also in its spinoff Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

According to his biography, Dann Florek was born as Ezekial Dann Florek in the city of Flat Rock in Michigan. His father is Leonard Florek who was a chiropractor and his mother was Darlene Florek. He went to Eastern Michigan University but did not finish. He them moved to live in New York City where he pursued the acting career and started in Theater.

Dann Florek started to appear in different movies in Angel Heart, Moon over Parador and Sweet Liberty. He also played in Mr Slate within the live action film version for The Flintstones. He played as Dave Meyer, a husband to the characters of Susan Ruttan character of Roxanne Melman. It was in the L.A Law, a hit drama of NBC. He did return to Smart Guy where he was a coach at High school. He then appeared in many episodes of the Roseanne.

He joined Law & Order in the year 1990s and he was the co-star of the NBC police procedural and legal drama television series where he was Capt Don Cragen. At the beginning, the show had low rating and it was said that the show would end if the male cast does not add female actresses. The producer had to let Richard Brook and Florek go. He joined the role again in the year 1995.

Dann Florek is married and his wife is Karen. He lives in the city of Venicein Los Angeles. She is an artist. His brother called Dave works as an actor also. The three of them went to Daniel L Quirk Jr Drama School of Eastern Michigan University. Dann Florek got honorary Bachelor of Arts and then the honorary Doctorate of Arts in the year 2008. They were given by Eastern Michigan University and were presented by EMU Board of Regent President, Susan Martin.

Dann Florek and Karen dated for many years before they got married. They have been together for over 37 years old and there are no rumors of them having to divorce. It is not clear if the couple had children or not. Dann Florek is of 6 feet but the weight is not clear up to now. He had dark brown hair but now he turned bald. The color of his eyes is black. He is active to the social media such as twitter account but he is not on Instagram and Facebook. On Twitter account, he has around 26 thousand followers. He had never been in any controversy.

Last Modified: 04 May, 2018

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