Danielle Spencer is a popular singer and songwriter. She is also a well- known actress.

Personal life

Danielle Spencer, born in the year 1969 on May 16, grew up as a catholic. She has singing in her genes as her father was also a songwriter and a singer. She got her inspiration for singing from her father. Spencer was very dear to her elder brother from early childhood. Spencer’s father wanted her to be a singer and sent her to attend piano classes from the age of four only. She developed her interest towards singing and acting from them onwards. As her father was a member of the BBC Play, Spencer has always been in terms with the showbusiness.


After completing graduation, Spencer started taking ballet classes. She always had the urge for all the cultural activities from childhood. After performing in a few theatre events, she concentrated in singing and song writing. In the year 2001, Spencer released her first debut music album, White Monkey. Spencer’s husband has always been with her in the musical journey and has also made some concert appearances. Spencer also works with some of the social foundations. Her major contribution to the Australian Children’s Music Foundation (ACMF) is worth praising.

Last Modified: 14 May, 2018

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