Quick facts
Birth date 3 Dec, 1975
Age 44 yrs
Occupations Dancer
Fashion designer
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place Davenport
Gender Female
Description American reality television personality

Danielle Colby is a well known reality TV personality who hails from the country of the United States of America. Her beautiful face and her appearance on the History reality TV series called American Pickers has helped her gain immense fame across the globe. Danielle Colby is also a burlesque dancer and that only adds to her appeal to the audiences.

Personal Life

Danielle Colby is born on the 3rd of December, in the year 1975. Danielle Colby was born in the city of Davenport, located in the state of Iowa, in the country of the United states of America, thereby making her a citizen of the country by virtue of her birthplace. The details about her father are unknown, while her mother is a woman named, Sue Colby. Danielle Colby also has a sibling, a sister. According to Danielle Colby, herself, she had a rough childhood and even encountered sexual molestation by a man who she hasn’t named yet.

Danielle Colby is married to Kevin Colby. The duo got married in the year 2004. The couple have two children from the union. However, the couple divorced a few years later and Danielle Colby again found love in French graphic designer, Alexander De Meyer. The duo got married in the year 2015, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, 14th of February. As of 2018, the couple are going strong with no rumours of unhappiness or divorce lurking around in popular media.


Initially, she began by opening a female roller derby team and at the same she owned and participated in it. Later, Danielle Colby had to quit due to injuries and she opted to become a burlesque dancer after being influenced by the performance of Margaret Cho, the comedian and the dancer called Satan’s Angel.

Eventually, Danielle Colby went on to form Burlesque Le Moustache, which was a professional burlesque team. It comprised of a total of 9 performers counting herself and she christened herself, Dannie Diesel.

Later Danielle Colby along with her good friend named Mike Wolfe, started and formulated the concept of American Pickers, which later aired on the History Channel, debuting on the 18th of January in the year 2010. American Pickers even went on to become the best rated, non-fiction show of the year 2010. Danielle Colby even started another business, where she opened a retro clothing boutique called 4 Miles 2 Memphis, in the city of Chicago, on the 18th of January, in the year 2013.

Danielle Colby is an extremely attractive woman, with a slim body structure and stands tall at 5 feet and 9 inches, while weighing approximately 78 kilograms. As mentioned in public, her body measurements are 39-28-40 . Danielle Colby’s burlesque figure can be attributed to her bra size, which is 36 C and she also has naturally black hair and eyes which are of hazel green colour. In addition to the above mentioned body attributes, she also has several tattoos on various parts of her body.

Last Modified: 04 Aug, 2018

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