Daniela Denby-Ashe is English actress and she is well known since she played in the character of Sarah Hills in a soap opera called EastEnders, she was Margaret Hale in Period Drama North and South and also Janey Harper, in a Sitcom called My Family. She was playing Lorraine Donnegan character in the drama series of Waterloo Road.

From her biography, she was born in the city of London in the year 1978. Daniela was born to polish parents. The name of the father was Pskit but they wanted to have a family name that was sounding English. So after checking a telephone directory, they came up with the names and then they hyphenated them. Daniela speaks in French, Polish and English. She learnt French from her grandmother who lived in France up to the time of the World War II. She started to learn ballet when she was only two years old and learnt tap after few years. From the age of 10 up to 16, she went to different schools and they included Corona Academy.

The first role she had was in the Nursery Rhymes 2 for Pickwick Video. She did appear in different television commercials like a child actor and then continued with the Kevin & Co, a child drama. She was with Julia Sawalha and Jennifer Saunders in the Absolutely Fabulous. The big break was in the year 1995, and this is when she got the role of playing in EastEnders, a BBC Soap opera.

In the year 2000, she got the role of playing as Janey Harper for My family, a BBC sitcom. She stopped to appear for the fourth series in the year 2003. However, she returned in this role in the year 2004. Other roles she had were in The Afternoon Play, Is Harry on the Boat, Rescue Me and Office Gossip. In Maxwell, she was the secretary of Robert Maxwell, a drama at BBC about the life of Maxwell. She was in Crooked House and then appeared in ITV detective drama called Midsomer Murders.

Daniela Denby is not active on the social media, even if she opened a twitter account, she does not like to post on it. She does not also like to post on Instagram. It is believed that the Instagram account may have been opened by one of her fans so it is not hers. Daniela Denby keeps the information about her personal life, private. It is believed that she is not yet married, so she has no divorce records. Once it was said that she was in the relationship with Richard Armitage, a co-star, but it was rumor since he had another girlfriend.

Daniela Denby had been given many honors. She got an award of Business Woman of the year and she got recognized because the revolution she brought to the call centers with the telecommunication companies.

Last Modified: 18 Aug, 2018

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