Quick facts
Birth date 9 May, 1972
Age 47 yrs
Occupations Politician
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place Evanston
Education Colorado State University–Pueblo
Ponderosa High School
University of Illinois at Springfield
Gender Female
Description Former White House Press Secretary

Dana Perino is a TV personality and the 27th White House Press Secretary. She is married to Peter McMahon and has no children. She has a passion for dogs and is Italian American.

Perino was born in Evanston, Wyoming, grew up in Denver, Colorado and is a graduate of the Colorado State University-Pueblo, with a bachelor’s degree in mass communications. She was the first Republican woman to serve as the White House Press secretary under President George W Bush.

In 1996, on a flight to Denver, she met her current husband, Peter McMahon, moved to England where he is established and there married within the year. Peter, an Englishman is about 18 years older than Perino. Although they have no children together, Peter does have children from his previous marriage in addition to two grandchildren. The two grandchildren of course make Perino one of the hottest step-grandmothers in the United States. With regards to how they met, according to her, theirs was love at first sight following the 21/2 hour flight to Denver. As such, it is no wonder that they were married within the year, regardless that he was from England and she had to move. The couple later moved to San Diego, with Henry, their dog. Unfortunately, Henry later died of cancer, but the couple was able to find Jasper, another Vizsla who is also an important part of their life. Currently, they do enjoy their family life in New York.

Perino stands at 5’ 2” and has a passion for dogs. She boasts of a gorgeous body complete with beautiful curves. She is a former gymnast and a fan of Dierks Bentley. She and her husband enjoy their time together alongside their four-legged friend, Jasper in their home in New York.

Perino’s figure takes on the more petite form and she drapes it with clothes that bring out the beauty of her curves. She doesn’t have breast implants and boats f a blonde hair color. She is American, is of the white ethnicity and has the Taurus star sign. She is always gracious and measured with her words, and even though she is her 40s, people still appreciate her rather attractive body. She does have a slim waist, and seemingly has no surgery done to enhance her body, no breast implants or any other surgery. There have however been rumors that she might have done something with her face, to make it more rejuvenated, but that is quite possibly just hearsay. She has piercing blue eyes, a rather slim waist and gorgeous legs.

Perino has a Twitter account, and her love for her dog, Jasper can be clearly seen from all the tweets and pictures of him. Her fans are able to catch up with the latest escapades the hilarious photos of her dog Jasper, which she simply adores from her Twitter account. Aside from being a Fox New contributor, she is also an author with an upcoming book, and the Good News is….slotted to be released in May 2015.

Last Modified: Feb 13, 2020

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