Dan Patrick was born in the year 1956 and he is an actor, radio personality and sportscaster of American origins. He is the host of The Dan Patrick Show broadcast at the Premiere Radio Networks and he works on the NBCSN and DIRECTV. He is the co-host of Football Night In America in NBC. He had worked at the ESPN for over 18 years, where he anchored the weeknight at the Sunday 11pm edition at the SportsCenter.

Patrick had been born in the Zanesville in the Ohio and he was raised in the city of Mason in Ohio. He was born with 5 other siblings and her mother is Patricia Joan and his father is John Jack Ambrose Pugh. While in high school at William Mason High School, he was playing the basketball. He did score the single game personal best which was 36 points and he got the AP Class AA, All-Ohio Third team. He graduated in the year 1974.

He went to the Eastern Kentucky University and it was on the basketball scholarship in two years. He then moved to University of Dayton and this is where he majored into the communications. Patrick was a member of the Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity in its Eta Hexaton Chapter at the Dayton. The father Jack had been working in computer science in UD up to the time he died because of the cancer in the year 1981 and Dan was only 25.

From his biography, Dan Patrick was working at ESPN and he was using Dan Pugh name. He was on air personality with album rock-formatted WVUD and then at WTUE based in Dayton. Afterwards, he worked for the CNN like a sports reporter. He was assigned to the winter Olympics, NBA finals and World Series. He was doing the daily sports segment of Bob and Brian. This is a syndicated morning show in the Wisconsin area. He was doing the sports update in Columbus Ohio for WLFQ, Rock station and he appeared at Wags and Elliot morning show.

He worked at ESPN for the show called The Dan Patrick Show When he was at ESPN during the 1990s; he was the most recognized face at the ESPN together with Keith Olbermann.

Patrick said that he would be leaving ABC and ESPN from 2007. Different reasons were given on the reason why Dan may be leaving ESPN and what he may do in the future. He said he was leaving the station on good terms and he was not fired even if it was before the end of his contract which would have ended in 2008.

Dan Patrick married Susan and she was the producer of the Inside Politics at CNN. They have one son and three daughters. Dan Patrick was given the alumni award from University of Dayton in 1997. He got inducted to Athletic Hall of Fame of Mason High School in the year 2000.

Last Modified: 18 Aug, 2018

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