Dan Estabrook is the artist who had been born in the year 1969 in the city of Boston MA. He is of white ethnicity and an American. He attended Harvard University and he finished his studies magna cum laude in the year 1990 at Harvard. Afterwards, he was enrolled to the university in Illinois and he earned the MFA in the year 1993. He is a person who does not like to talk too much about his personal life so he likes to keep away of the media. You cannot get information about his siblings, mother, father and childhood.

Dan Estabrook works as a photographer and he did photography from the time that he was still old. He is living with a girlfriend called Megan Boone. Megan is an actress who is famous in taking part in a TV show named Blacklist. The two got married after getting a daughter called Caroline Boone Estabrook. Megan was also a popular person and appeared in television shows. He got too many awards during his career and it included the Artists Fellowship at the National Endowment of Arts from 1994. There was a documentary about his biography.

Dan Estabrook is 47 and became interested in photography at early age and attended Museum of Fine Arts and did art there. He was able to be famous, when he worked for skateboarding magazine and punk rock. While in school at Harvard, he attended alternative photography process together with Christopher James. When he got MFA at University of Illinois, he continued to work and to teach there, and then went to Florida and Boston. Towards the end, he settled at New York, in the city of Brooklyn.

Dan Estabrook has a wide interest and they include drawing, painting and sculpture. He continues to work on the contemporary arts up to the photographic process and techniques of 19s. His work is shown widely from different places and it is appreciated with the artists. In the year 2009, he did appear in the Anthropy Arts Photographers Series which was a documentary about his work. He is being represented in the city of Chicago under Catherine Edelman Gallery.

After getting their baby, Dan Estabrook is happy with his wife and they like to post some photos on the Instagram account where they show how happy they are. The two are engaged now and ready to get married. However, they say that marriage should not be something to define the relationship.

Dan Estabrook supports his wife career wholeheartedly, even if she may have to kiss another man, he understands that it is her profession. They have a relationship which is based on the respect and mutual trust and they are always happy together. The family likes to keep their lives private and the work they have, is the one that do most of the talking for them. If he had a divorce before, it is not known.

Last Modified: 07 Apr, 2018

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