Cristina Cuomo Greeven is a famous media personality from America. She is a writer and well-known magazine editor. She is founder and editor in chief of luxury lifestyle magazine ‘Hamptons Purist’.


Cristina was born to parents Rainer Greeven and Regina Greeven on 12 January, 1970 in New York, United States of America. She belongs to German and Brazilian descent and is of American nationality. Her father, Rainer was an attorney. She attended a local school in New York. Her parents introduced her to reading literature at a very tender age. She was so fond of reading that by the time she was about to join the college, she had read most of the English classics. She attended Cornell University.

After completing her graduation she joined the same institution’s official Media and communication club. She graduated from there in the year 1992. In the year 2001, she married Chris Cuomo who is a famous American TV journalist working for CNN. He is also an editor in the reputed Gotham magazine. The couple is blessed with three children; two daughters and a son. Their eldest child Bella was born in 2002, then their son Mario born in 2005 and Carolina in 2010. The family lives at Upper West side of New York.


In the beginning of her career, Cristina Greeven worked as a writer and a magazine editor in New York City. Initially, she worked as the Vice-Chairman of ‘Niche Media’ LLC. In the year 2001, she collaborated with Jason Binns and facilitated in launching its publications. She is also the founder of lifestyle magazine ‘Manhattan File’. She worked as publisher and editor-in-chief for seven years in the same journal. Working with Niche Media Holdings LLC, she also worked as an editorial director of ‘Gotham and Hampton’ magazines. She has also worked in various other departments like editorial branding, marketing, event promotions and advertising while working in Niche Media.

Lately, she has started her own business through the launch of her luxury lifestyle magazine ‘Hamptons Purist’. She also maintains her own wellness website known as ‘The Purist’. Greeven herself is a wellness worshipper According to her website, she became more influenced by wellness the more she learned about it. She mentions about the start of this website as an initiative to make people aware of sound way of living. Through her website she gives people tips for living a healthy life and to stay physically and mentally fit.

She has studied nutrition and mysteries in medicine. So she uses her knowledge to spread awareness about living healthy and maintaining a good lifestyle, using her website as a source. She has gained good response for her website by the general public. She has also been chosen as US ambassador for skin care product by international brand Natura Bisse. Cristina is building her own media business as a good pace. She has earned a good fortune by working hard. She has acquired a net worth of millions.

Last Modified: 10 May, 2018

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