Connor Franta is known to us as a popular Youtuber. He is also a writer and as well as an entrepreneur.

Personal life

Connor Franta, born on September 12, 1992 in Wisconsin has grew up with a lot of criticism in his life. As he was overweight from childhood, he was subjected to a lot of criticism. His family members and siblings have always supported him and have also encouraged him to join the swimming club. Though his main reason to join the swimming club was losing weight, he developed a passion for swimming.

He had initially attended the St. Peter's Catholic School till 8th grade and after that, Franta went to the La Crescent High School. He pursued his university education with business studies in the Roman Catholic College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University. While in university, he developed a passion for arts which led to his interest towards the film industry. In the year 2014, Franta has talked about himself being a gay on his YouTube channel. He has further mentioned about his satisfaction being a gay and the immense support and positive responses he has received from his followers.


Connor Franta uploaded his first video in the year 2010 inspired by Mitchell Davis and Shane Dawson who are the popular vloggers of YouTube. His vlogs soon became popular on YouTube to make his channel as the 158th most subscribed channel with 5.59 million subscribers. Franta has been spotted several times at many YouTube fests and other award nomination ceremonies leading to his huge popularity as an YouTuber.

He secured the award of Favourite YouTube Star in the year 2016 at the 42nd People's Choice Awards due to his huge fan following. Franta is a dedicated social worker which is evident in his several social projects. All the projects launched by Franta has received immense positive response from the people and has also fetched him the Governor’s Award. Franta’s entrepreneurship career has also fetched him huge popularity and success.

The consecutive release of the five volumes of his songs and the overwhelming response from the audience leaves us in no doubt about his success. He further collaborated with several brands and albums to launch his albums which has added to his net worth.

Franta is also an inspirational writer which can be seen in his popular work A Work in Progress which consists of his life journey. The book remained on the The New York Times Best Seller list for 16 weeks and more 200,000 copies were sold out.

Encouraged by the success of his first book launch, he wrote another book and named it as Note to Self. The book deals with the personal life of Franta and tells us about how he has overcome certain crisis in his inner world. Franta has explained the content of this book as the reflection of his personal life. The book, released in the year 2017 on April 18, has recorded huge positive responses from people worldwide.

Last Modified: 04 May, 2018

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