Quick facts
Birth date 5 Sep, 1986
Age 33 yrs
Occupations American football player
Citizenship United States of America
Birth place Hobbs
Education Jim Ned High School
Gender Male
Description American football quarterback

Colt McCoy is an American footballer and the position he has in the field of play is the quarterback for the national team of Washington Redskins. The player played football in college and then was a member of San Francisco.

Personal Life

Colt, this famous footballer, was born in USA in a state called New Mexico in 1986 on September 5th. He was born into a family of three children. In his early Colt was dedicated to football and has been his only passion and his parents gave much more priority to his talent, and trained him deal with football. He is about 1.85 m tall, has a weight of about 99.8kg, has dark features, hair and dark eyes also belongs to the virgo on the horoscope.

The footballer was born in New Mexico and was the oldest child of the McCoy family. Cole first took part in high school in Texas where he spotted his tact as a player and they contributed to the first team of USA. He is remembered at Texas school history for the great will he had to reach his dream.

Colt has continued his university and gymnasium in Texas. The high school graduated in Jim Ned while at the University of Texas at Austin. Also around the years 2005-2009 was part of the Texas Longhorns team. McCoy is married and he is married to his girlfriend who had a relationship since 2010. Rachel was an athlete and they met together in the summer of 2008. They held their wedding ceremony in the same year in 2010 and the guests in their wedding day were: Aaron Watson who was singing and Jordan Shipley's former Longhorns wide receiver.


Colt McCoy, as mentioned above, is a well-known American footballer who has been for years in one of the most famous teams. This player had big differences compared to other players because he appeared as a talented since he was in high school and he was included twice in the Associated Press 2A Offensive MVP and had a great deal of success. McCoy stayed for more than four years with the Longhorns team and is the only player who left footprints in the story of this team. The player had so many achievements .He was ranked as the number three of the quarterback after the two famous players.

In 2005 they gave him a redshirt, so he did not play with the team this year. In 2006, the footballer received the quarterback title and also had this year's top scoring record. He has received many big prizes in various years, which are: 2006 Alamo Bowl Offensive, 2008 Pacific Life and 2009 Manning Award. He has played with different teams over the years. In 2013, Colt played with San Francisco 49ers and in 2014 he was in the team with Washington Redskins. In 2015 he signed the contract to be in the same team and for more 3 other years. Colt has an average value of $ 1.5 million in his account.

Last Modified: Feb 7, 2020

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