Cole Beasley was born in the year 1989 and he is American football wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys with National Football League. He did sign for the Cowboys like undrafted free agent in the year 2012. He was playing in College football for Southern Methodist University.

Cole Beasley was playing for Lobos at Little Elm High school and he was playing as option quarterback. He become the district co-MVP where he had 1,184 rushing for the yards, for 12 rushing touchdowns and the 1570s passing yards with 12 touchdowns. He got rated for two stars and was recruited by the

Cole Beasley had accepted to attend Southern Methodist University when he was given the scholarship. Here he started to play at wide receiver and he plays in over 11 games and had 7 starts like a freshman and finished third while at the team where he got 42 reception, 3 touchdowns and 366 yards.

As sophomore, he played 7 games, where he made 40 receptions and become the fourth at the team, the 493 yards with 3 touchdowns. The SMU had to win up to 2009 Hawaii Bowl and it marked the first bowl invite from what it is known as death penalty. When he wasa junior, he was able to post up to 87 receptions, making her to second person in the history of the school to do so while making 1,060 yards with 6 touchdowns,. When he become a senior, he did register 86 receptions

According to his biography, Cole Beasley played for Dallas Cowboys as at its no 11. Slot receiver is sneaky and he tried everything he can so that he can get an opening. During the trip of the Cowboys to London in the year 2014, Beasley showed his ability in the sneaky department when the photobombed the owner of Cowboys Jerry Jones, Commission Roger GoodWell and some two other guys.

Cole Beasley was practicing for Little Elm High school football stadium in 2007. While at the stadium, he was playing with his father Mike Beasley when he was the head coach. He did play in most position in the game. He was playing as defense, kicks, returned punts, punted and quarterback. He is known to always throw up before each game. His number 11 at Little Elm High School was retired. In the year 2012, he stopped to train to what he says it was personal reasons and he thought about retiring. However, he says he is happy that he did not stick to such decision since he would have regretted it.

Cole Beasley is married to Krystin Beasley and they have two sons together Ace Beasley and Everett Beasley. His brother is Shayne Beasley, his mother Danette Beasley and father Mike Beasley. He has no record of any divorce in his life.

Last Modified: 07 Apr, 2018

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