Cleo Rose is considered as one of the most legendary actresses in the history of Hollywood. She is also known for her musical ventures, which were small yet noticeable.

Personal Life

According to her biography, Cleo Rose took birth sometime in the 1930s and the exact date is still not known as there no accurate details present about her birth. She is an American national by birth but the actual city or the state that she took birth in is still private as they were not documented in an organized manner. The actress has completed her graduation but the name of the universities and schools that she attended are kept under the wraps as she likes to keep her educational information to herself.

She was a very quiet kid during her childhood and while growing up in the beautiful suburbs of America, she was a dedicated instrumentalist as she loved playing the piano and the guitar. Rose took professional classes to learn to play the violin and that’s what made her take the step towards the world of professional music.

There has been no news regarding her marriage or divorce to someone but she seems to be a family person. She has successfully kept her private or personal life away from the unnecessary limelight provided by the media trying to frame the personality into rumours. The actress has kept herself away from the various types of controversies associated with affairs and convictions and she spends a very peaceful life away from all the social media.


Cleo Rose started her career in acting by appearing in small theatre productions as she always had a knack for acting and stage plays from the days of her childhood. She even appeared in television commercials, before she actually kick-started her career in acting, for small budget production companies. Her career escalated in its success rate when she started getting recognized and noticed after she did small and guest roles for various television series and television movies in the late 1940s and the early 1950s.

Cleo’s biggest break as an actress occurred when she landed her first big screen role in the movie “Three Stops to Murder”. The movie was released in the year 1953 and she played the character Vivian in the movie which made her receive great appreciation and recognition for her acting skills. After that, her noticeable acting made her land roles in many movies like “Terror Street, “Heat Wave” and “Up To His Neck” which were all released in the 1950s.

The actress then worked a guest role in the movie “Radio Cab Murder” which was released in the year 1954. Her most remarkable and valuable work was in the 1955 classic television series named “Sherlock Holmes” where she played the role of the character Heather in the episode named “The Case of the Haunted Gainsborough”. The role brought her immense fame and after that, she got work in a number of small productions alongside pretty famous personalities. Rose’s dedication and hard work for her profession made her one of the most reputed actresses in the history of Hollywood. Her net worth is still not revealed.

Last Modified: Jun 25, 2020

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