Clay Pell is a well-known personality of the industry. Apart from being a lawyer and a politician, he also held the position of a military officer.

Personal life

According to biography, Clay Pell was born in the year 1981 on November 17th and belongs to a very popular family background. His parents Eugenia Stillman Diehl Pell and Herbert C. Pell III and grandparents Nuala Pell and Senator Claiborne Pell are popular faces of the media.

Leading to this, Pell has grew up with the spotlight on him from childhood. He initially went to The Thacher School and after that, went to the School Year Abroad's schools. Pell earned his graduation degree with an honors degree in Social Studies from the Harvard College in the year 2005.

After that, Pell went to the Georgetown University Law Center to start his practice as a lawyer. In the year 2013, Pell tied the knot with Michelle Kwan who is a two time Olympic medallist and a five time World Champion. It has been recorded that the couple has already filed a divorce in the year 2017 leading to some unfortunate circumstances.


Clay Pell began his career in the year 2009 at the United States Coast Guard. Initially, he was an intern at the law school but after earning a scholarship, Pell was promoted to the rank of judge advocate. After two years of service, he switched to the United States Coast Guard Reserve as a judge advocate as well as a lieutenant commander. Besides being a successful advocate, Pell supported the education system strongly.

He has even been engaged to several social organisations who concentrates on the educational system of the country and aims to make it better. Pell has also spent six months of his career with the Office of International and Foreign Language Education at the United States Department of Education as the Deputy Assistant Secretary.

He was also awarded with the Advocacy Award by the Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages for his supportive attitude towards cultural proficiency and language education in the year 2014. This was an extremely honourable and proud moment for Pell as he was the second member of his family to receive the award. In the same year, Pell also stepped in the political world and participated in the Governor of Rhode Island. He has received the constant support of his wife Michelle Kwan in his political world.

Last Modified: 04 May, 2018

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