Quick facts
Birth date 6 Feb, 1994
Age 26 yrs
Occupations Sport cyclist
Citizenship United Kingdom
Birth place Bolton
Gender Male
Description Cyclist

Christopher Latham, born Christopher Latham Sholes in the year of 1819 on the 14th of February and died on the 17th of February in the year of 1890 happens to be an inventor who is best known for having invented the QWERTY Keyboard alongside John Pratt, Carlos Glidden and Samuel W. Soule and is one of the first inventors of the typewriter among many other things from the United States of America. He also worked as a publisher for a newspaper and a politician from Wisconsin.

Personal Life

Born in Pennsylvania in the Montour Country at Mooresburg, Chris moved to the Nearby town of Danville where he worked as an intern for the local printer. After having completed his internship, Chris went on to Milwaukee in Wisconsin in the year of 1837 and then to Southport in Wisconsin. There, he became a newspaper-oriented publisher and then a politician, by serving the senate of the state of Wisconsin from 48 to 49 and the Democrat, in the state assembly of Wisconsin from 52 until 53 as the Farr Soiler and then again as a Republican from 56 until the year of 57.

He was one of the pioneer who encouraged the banishment of capital punishments in the state of Wisconsin by the medium of his newsperson The Kenosha Telegraph which reported the trail for John MaCaffary in the year of 1851 and then in the year of 1853 when he was the leader of the campaign for the state assembly of Wisconsin. Chris had an older brother Charles, who also happened to b a publisher for the newspapers and also a politician himself and were both a part of the Legislature of the state of Wisconsin and was also the mayor of Kenosha.


By the year of 1714, various typewriters which had keyboards ha been invented by Henry Mill and had been re-invented various time in the 1800s. Though it was Christopher Latham himself who invented the first writer to achieve a commercial success despite facing strong opposition with rival products.

Chris had shifted to Milwaukee and had become an editor for a famous newspaper. After a strike by various compositors in his press, Chris tried to build a machine which could be used for typesetting but it failed and he abandoned that idea. He changed his approach to inventing a typewriter. He first intended to create a machine which would be used to give numbers to the tickets and books.

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